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Published : 19-03-2016, 20:32 | Category: Sport and Fitness

The choice of the treadmill. The strength of the legs. When choosing a treadmill, first of all, should be decide by what her painting is set in motion. There are two possibilities.

The first - the canvas moves due to the force of your feet. This - the mechanical path. To bring the simulator in action, it is necessary to make some effort. This feature can be attributed to the advantages and the shortcomings of the structure. If your goal - to pump up the muscles of the lower leg, manual treadmill for the house to be a good option simulator. If you do not want to change the proportions of the legs, it is worth thinking about buying an electric version of the treadmill. As a rule, women are reinforced load on the legs to anything. You should not choose mechanical track and if there is even a minor problem with the joints and blood vessels of legs. As a kind of mechanical treadmill manufacturers offer magnetic structure. They are distinguished by a smooth-running of the web.

Training on a mechanical track completely simulates running on the ground. You decide the speed and rhythm of movement. And this is also its advantage. Add to this the relatively low cost and the absence of electricity costs. The disadvantages of mechanical treadmills include their weak equipment devices, fixing various performance indicators training. As a rule, mechanical treadmill for the house has a distance the length of the sensor, timer and device showing speed. Counter calories and the device reads the heart rate, not all are equipped with mechanical simulators.
The treadmill for the home. electricity Energy

Electric treadmill for the house looks different from the mechanical, like a bicycle on a racing bike. First, the differences relate to the panel. Weight programs, which are incorporated in this device allows you to set different modes of training. The price of electric treadmill track depends on how it is multifunctional. When choosing a design panel, consider the fact that the management should be simple and straightforward. During exercise to learn the interface is not very comfortable, so it's best to choose a model in the panel where you can navigate intuitively.

What instruments treadmill for the house should be equipped with necessary? First of all, the standard set, which is present in the mechanical model. It should be borne in mind that even a single manufacturer simulator, such as for example, the device as a pulse sensor, can be located in different places. Most often it is - railing, but there may be options when he is on the panel, or else attached to the earlobe. Choose what to you it is more convenient. Doubt - buy classics, ie the model with built-in sensors in the handrails. During a workout, use the handrails only for contact with the sensor and the maintenance of balance and in any case do not put your hands on some of the load destined for the feet. You do not use additional devices during the normal running, a treadmill for the house is designed to mimic the natural run.

Good electrical paths are provided with safety switches. They perform the same function and operate on the same principle as the security keys on water scooters. The key is attached to the belt, in the case of athlete's error is pulled out of the socket, cloth track stops, and the possibility of injury is minimized. To achieve the desired effect in the most optimal terms designed program, which will complement the most sophisticated treadmills. By setting such a program in age, weight, and some other individual parameters, you just have to adhere to the load, which will offer the program. More experienced athletes can set their own training intensity.

How to choose a treadmill for the house: the parameters of the web

On the question of how to choose a treadmill, it is important to approach the choice of fabric. First of all, you should interest its dimensions. Narrow and short will create discomfort during exercise. You will have to constantly monitor your stride length, and the risk of injury is increased. Typically, a family buying a treadmill, but good quality. You need to choose such that approached and the child, and an adult male. The optimal treadmill width not less than 40cm and not less than 130cm in length. Another important quality of the material from which the manufactured web. The more layers there is better.

Buying a treadmill is a treadmill for the house, you win at least three times - save on the purchase of subscription to the gym, get the opportunity to always be slim and distancing moment trip to the doctors. Female JustLady magazine - an adherent of a healthy way, and jogging track - one of the ways to come to him.


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