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Published : 19-03-2016, 20:29 | Category: Children

You need to understand from the very first day that your daughter - your not a sequel, but an independent personality. Do not expect from her that she should realize what you do not have time or you have failed in your life.
Let her not be like you and not like you - have their habits, affections, passions.

But you have to understand that from the first day you are for it - an example to follow. His first lessons of femininity she takes it from you. You have to teach her everything - from hygiene habits and self-care, the ability to take care of others. Try to plant them she was not a dictate, but as advice and recommendation. Patiently and clarify the answer to the questions of his daughter, help her in her development, consider her personal predispositions.

Do not be very picky to it, does not inspire it unnecessary complexes about her appearance or intelligence. Always tell that any difficulty or failure can be overcome, that any really existing lack of appearance can be fixed. Tell her that you'll always love it for what it is that inspires her faith in their own strength. Daughter needs to know that your advice and support she can always count.

The main cause of misunderstandings and bad relations between mother and daughter is a difference in the experience. Of course, you do not want your little girl stuffed extra bumps, but categorically interfere in her private life should never be. Forbid yourself to watch her - read her diaries, check e-mail or a page on the social networks, the more publicly quote them. Such actions will only lead to the fact that the baby will close and begin to lie.

Try to become the daughter is not vigilant supervisory authority and strict but fair advisor and friend, then you will not need to keep an eye on her. Try to give the girl more attention and love as a child to a couple of decades, you could see his daughter beautiful, confident, kind and happy woman.


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