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Published : 19-03-2016, 20:26 | Category: Children

Classes with semolina can be carried out at an early age. Pour the semolina layer thickness of about 2-3 mm on the tray. Smooth. Show your child how to draw, by swiping your finger. Draw simple shapes: circle, triangle, square, etc.

To create a picture with an older child, you will need: semolina, cardboard or paper for watercolor painting, a pencil, PVA glue, brushes, gouache, a jar of water. Select the plot that will be displayed.

Brush apply a layer of adhesive paper. While he is not dry, sprinkle it liberally semolina evenly. Wait until preparation for a painting dries.

Then, very gently shake the sheet to remove excess cereals. Now you can start painting. Due to the fact that the surface is uneven, precise contours will not work. Make light pencil sketch. Then proceed to drawing colors.

Be careful not to leave empty spaces in the picture that are not covered by the dealer. When the painting is dry, it is necessary to apply varnish to cereal does not crumble over time.

You can draw semolina using another method. Draw the desired image on the paper. In some parts of the picture, apply glue and sprinkle it in advance with colored grains.

Dye can be brilliant green, iodine, but without adding a lot of water, not to get a porridge. Also, crumble or a simple pencil crayons on a sheet of paper and rub it in the rump until until it will turn. Delicate shades are obtained by mixing the cereal with chopped colored crayons. You can also lightly fry the semolina in a pan.

By drawing from semolina as decorations can add pasta, rice or other cereals. Original articles can be a good gift for the grandmother or grandfather. Especially if you've created it to a specific holiday.


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