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Published : 19-03-2016, 20:24 | Category: Family and Relations

How to cheer yourself up. smile
Oh, how many situations that can significantly spoil the mood, we meet on a daily basis! Broken heel, crowded transport, bad buy, escaped coffee, approaching the critical days, the stain on your favorite blouse ...
But you never know of cases that can upset a woman for quite a long time? And we, of course, worry, upset, and start real hard to spoil the life of themselves and their loved ones.

But such misfortunes do not belong to the category of unmanaged things. Bring your mood in a normal state can be even when there - continuous failures and capricious fortune does not want to smile, stubbornly turning aside. Maybe someone will seem absurd assertion of these things, but most of it and turns away just because he does not want to see a sour face on our face. After all, the fate we create ourselves, but luck comes only open gate! And, even if they do not shut our will, there is always the opportunity to open up a little window. It is not difficult, you only need to gather the courage to pull myself together.
How to cheer yourself up, if the troubles are continuous succession, and to provide some - some of them are not offered? First of all, it is necessary to give up self-pity, so miserable, lonely, no one understood. this kind is pity from others only indulgent sympathy or hidden schadenfreude, and, therefore, will only aggravate the state of internal discomfort.

Do not give up and exhausted, waiting all by itself back to normal. Launched their course, failure would severely delayed and, as a result, bad mood is transformed into a deep depression, which is to get rid of without the help of a specialist will be extremely difficult.

In short, we need to actively and decisively act even when the fate of the fierce cliffs and ahead of clearance is not visible. Proceed using in search of a winning option for themselves every detail, every moment. It is likely that the fate grinned deliberately, wanting to push us in the right way. Therefore, we do not give in to discouragement and boldly steps forward. After all, we belong to the whole world and there Smiles great variety!

To begin to calm down, otherwise the heat of the moment, you can do new troubles. There are a good way to clean up the internal chaos. Let us try, in spite of everything, to smile and hold a smile on your face for three minutes. It's pretty simple, and effective, - facial expressions of joy will automatically give the brain a signal of well-being, and he will rebuild mode of consciousness to the positive.

Of course, a smile is not enough to cheer up instantly. Make one more step - we get rid of the string of negative thoughts, letting them free. Otherwise, they curl up in Kalachik somewhere in the corner of consciousness and, at the slightest opportunity, once again take possession of our being. Therefore, we try to find someone who you can complain to the vest without affecting his psyche. If a vest is not, we tell about the problems his reflection in the mirror, or write out them on a piece of paper. This will enable logical understanding of the situation and allow you to see it in a different, more favorable light.

How to cheer yourself up? Basking in the pleasures

So, we smiled, a reprimand, but to enjoy something is still not very desirable. How to cheer yourself up now? Armed with these tips: the decline of mood should strive to get as much physical and spiritual pleasure. For example, you can finally afford a good and tasty meal in pleasant surroundings. The threat of extra padding in this case, let depart on the second plan. They can be easily eliminated with the help of the charge, which is also great and raises the mood and tone.

Of course, it is undesirable to overeat all row - it may cause nausea or indigestion. It is advisable to go to a restaurant and dine in a refined, luxurious surroundings conducive to self-esteem and strengthen confidence. If this is not possible, you can arrange a chic dinner at home. It would be better if the table will meet cheerful friendly company - its energy will dispel the gloom and melancholy. Good and dinner together with a loved one or close friend. However, even if he is held in isolation - too bad. The main thing is that on the table there were favorite dishes and products that stimulate the production of enzymes of "happiness": pineapple, bananas, chocolate, walnuts, peanuts, strawberries, oysters.

In the daily diet can include soy, oatmeal, walnuts, sunflower seeds - they contain a high percentage of vitamins "optimism".

In a bad mood is very important and pleasant spiritual food that promotes the desired mood. Reading an easy exciting literature, listening to great music or just allow ourselves to wallow in front of TV, viewing your favorite programs with a positive attitude. Despite the fact that the kitchen has a mountain of unwashed dishes, and in the bathroom - a lot of indelible linen. However, the laundry or washing dishes, if they are not the cause of this very bad mood, too, are able to significantly raise it. This applies to any physical activity. Therefore, you can run, swim, ride a bike, dance, wash floors, chopping wood, finally! In short, to do whatever it takes to satisfy tired of bleak and monotonous thinking brain sufficient oxygen and blissful experience physical fatigue, mental fatigue compensating.

You can arrange a dizzying shopping, voyazhiruya shopping and buying beautiful little things. If the funds to buy them is not enough, just remeasure a lot of dresses and shoes, to admire the luxurious dishes or obzavedёmsya some amusing souvenir or a toy.

The cause of depression and irritability can be accumulated fatigue. How to cheer yourself up in this case? Forget about the endless chores and organize yourself most comfortable, complete rest. At the same time try to deliver as your body can be more fun - spoil his pleasant relaxing bath, and then put in

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