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Published : 19-03-2016, 20:22 | Category: Family and Relations

Despite the fact that spring is almost all associated with love and joy, a lot of people at this time of year start to be depressed. Especially women: they are in everyday life are prone to mood swings, but here such a stress to the body - awakening from hibernation.

Often you want to sleep, do not leave the lethargy. Of course, in such a situation come to mind gloomy thoughts and becomes very sad. From this state, just need to get away. You need to look at the world positively, and not waste time, shedding tears for no apparent reason. There are several ways to meet the spring so as to pass a period of "acute".

1. Awaken inner peace. How to do it? Very simply - to fall in love. Nothing inspires and gives energy as love. It would seem impossible to order a perk heart. But there is nothing impracticable. Look around you: you're probably someone like you, and perhaps affection is mutual. Here and "tighten" the novel. He will bring you lots of positive emotions. And if you are not free, you can always freshen up old feelings with a loved one. Organize dating, outputs to the cinema and cafes. It will definitely bring pleasure and dispel unpleasant thoughts.
2. Help the body to survive the shake-up. Tempering, vitamins, morning run, charging should be your companions in such a difficult moment. It is not in vain say: "In a healthy body - healthy mind".

3. Transform the exterior. Women experiencing an incredible surge of strength when it comes to shopping and beauty salons. So allow yourself the joy: buy new things, change the hairstyle, hair color, makeup. Gloom will certainly depart.

4. Take a trip on vacation. If you can spend the last days of the cold somewhere near the sea, then returning home, you not only experience loss of strength, but, on the contrary, will be rested, tanned and happy.

5. Do not stay alone. Even if you for some reason do not want to tie a relationship with the opposite sex, there is no reason to sit "in the four walls." Meet friends, attend parties. In general, lead an active lifestyle.

6. Do not remove from nature. You can go into the forest, to the country or just more likely to walk in a nearby park. Thus, you can feel the charm of the blossoming nature.

7. Treat yourself to tasty. Food is generally improves mood. But it's better if you experience pleasure, for example, from the fruit. After all, the extra weight you are unlikely to make happy.

8. Engage in interesting work. Perhaps you've always wanted to change the atmosphere in the house or learn something new. And then, finally, came the moment when the flight of fancy can save from spring depression.


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Date: 09.11.17
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