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Published : 19-03-2016, 20:19 | Category: Style and Fashion

One of the problems of black material - erasing color after several washings. And the question arises, how to get the color of the black stuff. This can be done by staining the tissue.

To start, determine tissue type. In the store, select dyes corresponding to the necessary materials. Universal use for coloring products that combine different types of tissue. Not amenable to staining clothing from acetate silk and synthetic fibers such as nitrone and Chorin.

For painting materials, use only enameled deep bowl, such as the pelvis. The more water from the paint, the smoother the color out.
Before painting an approved container and rinse the brush well and wash and dry clothes. The iron parts, buttons necessary to remove things that are not formed rust stains. Rubberized products do not need to paint, as rubber can not withstand high temperatures.

The capacity of the type of water and heat it to 40 degrees. Dyeing cloth should be clean and soft water. Strain it and pour it into the soda to soften.

While the water heats up, take the bags of paint and pour the contents into a separate bowl. Gradually pour it warm boiled water, while stirring. It should get a porridge mixture without lumps. Fill it with hot water (half a liter on 1 bag), stir and strain. It would be better if you take more and more dye than necessary, then turn the color richer and more evenly distributed throughout the product.

Before you paint in black clothes, soak it in warm water, wring it out well and unfold. After that, pour the dye into the vessel, which is on the stove, stir and lay the garment so as to form as small folds as possible.

Bring water to a boil with the clothes and cook on low heat for an hour, regularly turning the fabric with the help of wooden sticks. Remove the colored material from the water, rinse it in warm water several times until the water runs clear, then rinse in cold water. Press and dry away from sunlight.


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