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Published : 19-03-2016, 20:17 | Category: Style and Fashion

In hardware stores you can find special powders that restore the color of things. Use the means at each wash. Gradually, the fabric will become more fresh look. Especially clearly visible result on wool and silk things.

Wash discolored black clothes with a new one that sheds much. To the tissue turned monotonous, soak the product for a few hours in warm water without addition of detergent. If you wash in the machine, simply interrupt the cycle for a while, then turn on the same program. To fix the result, rinse the clothes in a little acidulated water.

Buy paint for fabrics, if all else fails. Dosing read in the instructions. If you have delicate fabrics, do not use much hot water in the process of product processing - restore color clothes, but lose shape. In this case it is best to refer to the dry cleaners. By using high-quality pigments, the color of things will remain for a long time.
From ancient times to restore the black color used tobacco decoction. But it is necessary to note at once that the product acquires a characteristic and very unpleasant smell, which will continue for some time. If you do decide to resort to this method, take 15 grams of tobacco and a liter of boiling water. Raw materials put into the water, then insist on a water bath for about 30 minutes. With the help moisten the sponge material, and leave to dry completely. To get rid of the smell, hang clothes on the street or wash several times.

Unfortunately, other ways to bring back the look of things there. Try to take care of them while they are new. Wash according to instructions on the garment label, otherwise it will fade. The only way you keep the brightness of the colors and shape of the product for a long time.


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