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Published : 19-03-2016, 20:03 | Category: ACCESSORIES

There are several ways to reduce the item of clothing from knitwear. They depend on the material and cut of the sweater. If it is sewn of several parts, it is possible to dissolve part of the joints and remove the required amount of tissue in the allowances.

This method is convenient because it can reduce the sweater at a particular location, such as the waist, without affecting the sleeves suitable size.
If the jacket is connected to a special machine, but it has no seams, you can create them. They will play the role of darts, reducing the amount of product. To reduce the width of the sweater tuck a few centimeters into the tissue from the sides in the form of darts or a straight line, and then sew from the inside. But note that the harvested tissue should not be too much, otherwise the garment will be ugly ridge. Also sweater should not be fitting.

For manually linked sweaters this option will not work. In this case, you can use the ability of the fabric "sit" under certain conditions. Note that this method is suitable only for garments of yarns which is composed of wool. Lay the sweater in a basin of hot water and wait for a while. Then remove it and place it on the cloth so that it is slightly dried up. Then gently iron its hot iron. To avoid iron stains better too through the fabric. Following describes the procedure due to the effects of heat jacket should be reduced by a maximum of one size.
Another method - a laundry washing machine in a sweater. In this mode, use a temperature of at least sixty degrees, and then - automatic spinning. It should also lead to shrinkage.

If you want to reduce a thing of delicate materials, such as cashmere, which can damage the high temperatures - refer to the dry cleaners. It will cost extra money, but it will give you the care of a sweater in the hands of professionals who know all the features of tissue and can accurately and correctly to reduce the supplied garment.


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