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Published : 19-03-2016, 19:54 | Category: LOVE AND RELATIONS

To understand how a man relates to you, you need to get accustomed to it carefully. So he in love with you, if ...

For a start look into his eyes. According to studies, in love with a man looking at the object of his adoration twice, without being distracted by side of things. So if your eyes are constantly running cavalier past you, and even more so if he looks at other women, you know he does not love you and do not even particularly interested.
Now examine carefully as he stands next to you. Especially if you are in the company of other people. If your partner is not sure of his feelings, and not serious about your meeting, it will be either slightly ahead or slightly behind you. Remember: a man in love will stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

A man in love is willing to spend with a woman like that, most of their time. If your chosen carefully somewhere escapes, all the time in a hurry and is constantly working, then you - not his muse. The same can be said about the phone calls. In the first stage against men want as much as possible to communicate with his beloved, so it will be necessary to call just to ask how you were doing.

When a man loves, he cares. So if he ran to you at 2 am with a mountain of mustard plasters and pills because I heard you coughed into the phone - exactly he loves you.

Another sign by which one can easily determine that the man in love - is that it starts to open your soul. If he tells the woman some very personal stories, shares experiences and doubts, therefore, he trusts her and feels a kindred spirit. By the same category is the fact when a man loves a woman's touch, stroking her and hug.

Look carefully at your man and listen to what your heart tells you. It will all be exact will let you know whether your feelings mutually.


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