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Published : 19-03-2016, 19:37 | Category: STYLISH THINGS

The most important rule in the ability to choose clothes considered what shoes, bag and gloves should not look cheap. Let the dress or suit will be simple, but the shoe is bound to be comfortable, beautiful and high-quality, bag - stylish and eye-catching, and gloves - full repeat silhouette of the hand, as if being a second skin.

Those women who can not afford to have a lot of orders, it is necessary to choose the more expensive things, because their service life longer, because high-quality expensive tissue known property is better to keep the shape.

Up to 30 years, women tend to seek their own style, after thirty-one must have in the wardrobe of a few basic things, so-called universal orders, which can be decorated with fashion accessories as desired. Let it be a little black dress on a figure. Decorated glamorous beaded necklace or in combination with high heels and bright makeup, the dress will always give a woman a stylish and attractive look.

Intelligent and mature woman should not buy the first favorite blouse because such a thing has got her friend. You need to know what is right for you, what style and what color you need to face as well as what accessories would go well with things from your wardrobe.

Even if a woman is not stout and her shapely legs, after a certain age should not wear short skirts. The same rule applies to the T-shirts on which are painted cartoon characters. It is important to understand that to work you need to dress in business style, the party is appropriate to wear evening dress and expensive jewelry, and go on nature better sportswear.

It does not matter what the figure of a woman, if she knows the art to choose the fashionable clothes, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of your body. Sometimes stout woman aged looks much more attractive than the middle-aged woman, not slaving for themselves and not able to dress tastefully.


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