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Published : 19-03-2016, 19:32 | Category: NEW FASHION

Plain classic jacket make elegant. If you do not like the color, add brightness and fashionable colors using embroidery, appliqué finished. It can be located on the lapels, sleeves and back. Decorate picture with rhinestones, beads, beads, get elegant thing. Work with lapel collar. Lay the jacket so that the gate lay as flat as possible. Take a piece of lace with scalloped metrazhnogo edge of a suitable width, put it on the cloth. Tuck the short side edges and scalloped lace put on the edge of lapels. Baste the outer portion of the collar, inside lay the extra assembly to the cervical spine in a small dart. Sew manually prihvatyvaya for drawing elements, carefully cut the excess. Elements of lace add the product to the chest.
Add zest to the back of the cotton jacket. Prepare scissors, a beautiful scarf with floral elements, a few beads in tone, adhesive fabric. From handkerchief separate the selected motif, baste the fabric of his jacket, try. Otpor part, neaten. Promazhte attaching appliqué glue, apply a pattern. Allow to dry, iron otgladte, embroidered with beads.

Strict jacket in trendy redo using contrasting tape to get the thing in the "Chanel" style. Buy two meters textured tape or a golden cord, elegant shiny buttons. Baste the tape to the bottom of the sleeves, pockets and collar edge. Replace buttons. From the remnants of tape twist flower brooch, sew a button in the middle, put the decoration on one of the lapels lapel.
Avant-garde model is fashioned from a fitted jacket with side seams vtachnymi. Buy some fancy zippers. Gently thrust front reliefs, hand Sew lightning, iron it. In the same way showy parts Sew the sleeves slit or slot back.

Secret jacket is that it can be worn virtually any clothing. A remake and improve the model will help your sense of style and skillful hands.


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