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Published : 19-03-2016, 19:30 | Category: NEW FASHION

Wear a dress that you want to change, and in turn apply it to the various decorative elements. Satin, silk, viscose, chiffon combine perfectly with the lace.

If the item is stitched from these tissues, try to do it with the help of smart beautiful textured lace. They can be treated with a neck insert to make the sleeves on the bottom of the skirt to sew. Do not be afraid to change the style of dress, because your goal - to get a completely different, not like the old thing.
Shorten the dress, make a new cut on the back, cut off the sleeves. From stripes and lace flap that you cut from the hem, sew a new belt. Neckline and armholes carefully obsheyte the same lace. That's all you got original elegant dress.

If the product has buttons with new fasteners can completely change the face of things. Accessories obtyanite contrasting satin or silk colorful cloth. The same can be done with a belt buckle or nasheyte strip of fabric on the belt itself.
Usually things that had long worn, abraded material of the collar and sleeves. In this case, extend the neck and change the shape of a sleeve or a cut at all. The sections can be quickly and easily handle the oblique Bakey.

Hem summer dress ruffles revive from another but suitable fabric and lace. Try to fulfill the product in ethnic style. Extend dress ruffles skirt, trimmed with decorative braid with colorful ornaments. Pick a leather, suede strap or make a belt of wooden rings and cord. Neck embroidered with beads and beads.

Defects dresses (holes, spots), slip pocket mask, a homemade bow chiffon, embroidery or applique. Single-colored product can be updated dramatically by stitching lace cover in a contrasting color. Originally look knitted insert on the dress of a light airy fabrics. Pick the right color knitted grafts. Sew them symmetrically on the sides of the dress and on the sleeves cuffs.


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Date: 03.07.17
Status: | Author: ixytyli , Guests
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