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Published : 16-03-2016, 20:43 | Category: Hobby

Whereas in the past mod entirely dependent on the whims of designers, but now the people themselves form her. Street fashion - a direct confirmation. Most fashion photographers of large European cities are blogs in which they lay out photographs of street attire, met them.

People around the world watch these blogs, watch street fashion in their cities - now create bold avant-garde fashion, rather than a privileged "caste" designers.

Street fashion in Europe has become not just an independent phenomenon, it has acquired the value and weight of the world's official fashion, because even the most well-known designers are looking to those who puts on interesting. Glossy fashion face that looks at us with the most popular magazines all over the world, are increasingly losing ground today more important the other person - everyday, street fashion. If the last fashion trends appeared on the catwalks and shows, and only then people can buy fashionable clothes and pass it down the street, but now the opposite is true. People come up with their own style, they go to the clothes, which they themselves created, and often only then, these trends appear at shows and fashion weeks.

Style street style did not suit the high-profile appearance. He just showed up, and at first no one noticed that the revolution has already taken place. No one invited people who are creative to clothing, to participate in shaping fashion trends. They just dressed as they like - and pedestals on which were the authorities of the fashion world, swayed.

Interestingly, the street fashion style was born in Tokyo. Japanese fashion magazines sent their first photographers to shoot interesting dressed people. They were photographed everywhere in Tokyo, London, Paris, Helsinki, Oslo, Reykjavik ... Today, every major city has its own style. This is easy to see, looking at photos of people in fashion magazines. Somewhere prevails extravaganza where some vintage elegance all have something of their own. But certain trends of the season have been traced as if lawmakers street fashion tips and also communicate with each other.

Summer season 2011 on Europe faces characterized by several things. Ultra-short shorts with a high waist there almost every fashionable girl. Generally, all the pants and skirts have a high waist, no under-belts. Heels - or very, very high, or even completely flat sole. In general, for the fashion season is characterized by radicalism, no midway. Skirts well or very short or very long, to the floor, and even healthy, if they are a little drag on the ground. Bright colors, stripes, as well as all sorts of shades of brown - this is the most current fashion ideas of Europe.

If you live in a large European city, you can see for themselves that today fashion is created by those who are not afraid to realize their boldest ideas in the field of clothing, showing them to the public in the streets of London or Berlin, Milan or Paris. But no matter where you live, you can read blogs about street fashion on the internet and keep abreast of the latest ideas and trends.


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