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Published : 16-03-2016, 20:39 | Category: Popular

Going on a trip, it is better to choose the things that take up little space in your luggage and do not require special care in the form of ironing. It is also desirable that they be made of natural materials: rayon, cotton, linen, silk. To care for such things will catch a small spray bottle.

After unpacking suitcases hurting hang clothes on hangers and lightly sprinkle - 5-10 minutes it will be dry and free of bruising. If you take things out of synthetic materials, choose the maximum available styles for the body to breathe. Summer - a time for sun, flowers, and so bright saturated colors. But do not forget about the classics - white, black, denim, which are combined with any color.

The ideal situation for a woman on the beach will be a sarong (pareo), which can be made and a skirt and cape, depending on the situation and mood. It is also very convenient combination for everyday wear - top and shorts. You can dial a few pieces and easy to change every day.

Any woman always remains a woman, and in this position a vacation just is not provided. Therefore, light dress is always appropriate. After all, the beach and the sea is not just a beach chair and sun-hat, but also an evening walk along the promenade and a romantic dinner in a restaurant on the beach in the moonlight.

No guarantees are always sunny and warm weather. Climate - an unpredictable thing. Bring a cardigan, which at any moment can be draped over the shoulders chilly evening. Especially because this piece wardrobe perfectly kombinirutsya both costume pants and with jeans.

Jewellery is better to choose on the spot and leave their homes. Firstly, you do not lose by accident at sea heirloom, and secondly, will still be yourself to buy something as a souvenir. So why take something extra?

Two pairs of shoes is usually enough. Sandals for walking around the city, and flip-flops for going to the beach - just enough. You can even grab a lightweight running shoes, but no more.

And, of course, the hat. In addition to the additions to the beach costume you get protection from bright sun and avoid health problems from overheating.

Collecting bag, remember that the most important thing on vacation - physical comfort and emotional balance.


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