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Published : 16-03-2016, 20:35 | Category: Career

The procedure of briefings, training and testing on a specific enterprise should be regulated by the Regulations on labor protection. It must be approved by the supervisor, the union agreed. log form for the registration instructions in the workplace is an annex to the Regulation, and should be the same for all business units.

Forms are stored in magazines engineer protection or another employee, who is entrusted with this responsibility by the order. The person responsible for the conduct of instruction in the workplace (site foreman, foreman or service), the magazine gets an engineer at ON. He should be strung together, numbered, stamped and signed by the head of the enterprise.

Due to the fact that the workplace is carried out several kinds of instruction, it is permissible to divide the pages of a magazine. For example:
page 1-10 - primary instruction;
str.11-30 - training;
str.31-50 - repeated instruction;
str.51-65 - unscheduled briefing.

Recording is done by a person giving instructions in a magazine. Entries must be in chronological order.

Each type of instruction has its own characteristics. When filling the magazine have questions, make mistakes. This is especially true when filling graphs 5.

Primary instruction

Held in hiring or transfer. As a rule, workers are familiar with the "Instruction on the OT" for a particular profession or a summary of primary instruction. These documents should be approved by the supervisor, have the number and date of approval. Therefore, in the graph, you can just make a link to them. Then he concludes: briefing learned, an employee is allowed to work or internship. If he does not need training, entry is "without probation". If necessary, appointed by the head of probation (from a number of experienced workers with work experience of at least 3 years).


Held immediately after the primary instruction, its duration from 2 to 14 shifts (depending on the profession). Training - is the work for the purpose of acquiring the necessary, safe work skills. Recording is done for each day of the internship, she describes what the employee worked during the shift. For example: familiarity with the workplace, preparing the machine for operation, cleaning machine, billet drilling, grinding and etc. It concludes the last day of "training learned admitted to the primary verification of knowledge."

A review

It is repeated at least 1 time in six months (unless another period is specified in the Regulation on RT). Since its purpose - to "freshen up" an employee in the main memory requirements of labor protection instructions are used are the same as that during the initial briefing. The final entry: "briefing learned, allowed to work."

Unscheduled briefing

Held within 3 working days from the date of occurrence of the events which led to the meeting. Column 5 describes the reason (for example, the introduction of a new process, an accident with a worker, a violation of safety rules, etc.), And reference is made to the document.

Repeated and unscheduled briefings permissible spending list. If one of the workers is absent (illness, vacation), instructing it is performed after return to work with the date. Violation of the chronology is not allowed.

Once the log is full, he gives the engineer on occupational safety, which in turn transfers it to the archive. Shelf life - 3 years.


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