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Published : 16-03-2016, 20:28 | Category: Sport and Fitness

As with any training, step aerobics classes begin with a warm - body needs to warm up and prepare well to serious stress. There are certain rules of working with steper that must be followed during training - to step onto the platform should be the whole foot, straining the muscles of the legs only. Movement should be carried out smoothly, without sudden jerks.

Step aerobics gives considerable stress on the joints and muscles of the legs, so if there is a calcium deficiency, you should first restore the balance. It is a mistake to think that only the legs work in the classroom. By adding weighting in the form of dumbbells and a little will change the way the dance moves, you'll get additional work muscles in the arms, abs and back. Rhythmic music and a variety of exercises, based on dance movements make the training fun and positive.

If you are just starting a class step aerobics, then reduce the time of the first workouts to 20 minutes. The standard duration of training for experienced athletes is 50-60 minutes, so gradually increase the duration of employment, avoiding sudden accelerations and stress. Steps to help develop the desired group of leg muscles, giving them a pleasant and harmonious relief forms. Aerobics works on strengthening the heart muscle, develops respiratory system, normalizes blood pressure. The optimum combination of the two types of movement makes it possible to experiment, diluting the basic techniques of their own movements and their modifications.

A nice bonus from employment will improve the coordination of movements, beautiful posture and the ability to control the body. Learning to feel the rhythm and the music, you learn to move gracefully, which in combination with a resilient and fit body will be to your advantage.


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Date: 30.12.16
Status: | Author: etumuqy , Guests
<td><td>Hard konkurranse mellom kull og gass gjør det mindre sannsynlig at vi periodevis får veldig høye strømpriser. Da kan du lett se at strømpriser ikke er det eneste du bør ta hensyn til når du skal senke utgiftene dine. Nettsiden heter og er kommet i stand for å gjøre det lettere for forbrukere å få en slags oversikt over strømmarkedet her i landet. NVEs beregninger for 1. kvartal 2015 viser at det ble foretatt 73.900 leverandørskifter blant norske husholdninger. Lavere strømpriser gir en nedgang i Skagerak Energis halvårsresultat for 2012, sammenlignet med 2011. Med lojale mener vi naturligvis at man ikke finner seg i økte strømpriser og andre kostnadsøkninger i strømkontrakten.<td> billigstrøm.xyz
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