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Published : 16-03-2016, 20:25 | Category: Children

Babies close and clear the proposed game form. Through the game they can express all that can not yet be described in words. Dolls Free child of shame and embarrassment. Toys are allowed to do wrong, reprehensible acts, because the child will not be punished for the misdemeanors puppet.

In fact kukloterapiyu can be represented as an adult chat with the baby doll through an intermediary. Classes can be individual or in a group. Depending on the complexity and emotional intensity of the situation played out in small sketches, mini-performances or performances to the public. The child becomes an actor, director and screenwriter of puppetry. Adults take a position of active observer correction occurs as needed.

Question props solved quite simply. For kukloterapii fit almost any usual children's toys. However, the most comfortable for the child at an early stage will be the presence of the screen. Behind her kid can hide, hide the confusion and uncertainty, to be alone with him for a while.

Classes with preschool children should be based on a specific pattern. At the beginning it is important to set up a child on a positive activity, explain in words are available and the need for the upcoming. When the group kukloterapii adult should carefully make the distribution of roles, given the characteristics of children. Then there is the actual play on the theme.

The main role in the play belongs to the fictional characters. However, their behavior reflects the real position of the child in the given situation. A child under the supervision of an adult finds the character flaws and helps him to improve. Thus, children unobtrusively given a positive model of behavior.

At the end summed up the work, fixed images behavioral and emotional reactions. The total duration of the sessions should not exceed 15-20 minutes at the individual form and 30 minutes - with the group.

Sessions kukloterapii for preschoolers can be done at home, if the seriousness of the process of the game will be recognized by parents. Make the company your child in games, the parents, at least, will improve the level of trust in adults. The main thing - to avoid moralizing tone and categorical ratings.


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Date: 28.06.17
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