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Published : 16-03-2016, 20:11 | Category: Style and Fashion

People are starting to wear jeans with a childhood favorite clothes giving preference to a ripe old age. Practical, comfortable and does not restrict movement jeans easily erased and often do not require ironing. They can be combined with almost everything, but here you need to know the nuances.

How to wear a shirt with jeans? It would seem a simple question, and almost everyone is sure to know the right answer. However, each may have encountered people dressed very ridiculous. But in a normal shirt with jeans can look very different.

Of course, the easiest way to wear a shirt with jeans for men. Ample shirt is best to fill in the classic straight jeans, while poluoblegayuschie popular now shirt "slimfit" better to wear trousers. These models have the desired length shirts and nicely rounded at the bottom, in contrast to the usual, that looks neat and stylish.

With the option of wearing women's jeans with shirts the situation is more difficult, the main thing - do not overdo it with the volume. That is, the volume can be top or bottom, but not both things at once.

Ultranarrow fitting as leather jeans "skinny" look good as the tied with a knot front blouse and a wide "male" shirt worn outside, creating a stylish, a little "cowboy" and at the same time sexy image. Instead of skinny with a big jacket can also be narrowed down to wear jeans or straight classic.

Do not wear wide shirt with jeans, flared from the hip and wide models. The image looks too volume (more than a couple of sizes). This narrower shirt "slimfit" with jeans flared at one time were very popular with the hippies - at least remember the young Beatles era. But to choose this combination of very carefully.

Shirts, knotted on the chest, look good with almost all models of jeans. It should be remembered that provocatively unbuttoned buttons and the node itself is not appropriate in any environment and situation.

But stylish shirts, blouses office type with collar-jabot and decorated with ruffles look beautiful with narrow, classic and high models of jeans. And do not forget the heels - the image will be impressive!

Important in conjunction jeans-shirt - to properly distribute the volume and safely experiment.


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Date: 16.01.17
Status: | Author: yfezyfet , Guests
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