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Published : 16-03-2016, 20:04 | Category: ACCESSORIES

It's not as difficult as it seems at first glance - even the cheapest organza keeps excellent shape, it is easy to wash, and air and lush flowers on the dress with their own hands is easy to make at home, however, as large flowers hair.

If you have a home or curtains organza evening dress made of this material, you need to know how to properly iron the material. Put on a completely dry silk organza or tissue paper and iron the iron it lightly heated.

How to make a flower out of tissue and tapes with your own hands

The most popular way to design jewelry organza - singeing, is quite simple and fast. To begin, cut the pattern out of paper or cardboard to make your flower was flat and neat.

The number of petals depends on the desired flower splendor. Cut the petals of organza and Opal along the contour edges of each of them over a candle flame. As a result, the pitch sezhatsya and become bulky.

Collect ready to flower petals, strung them on the base of the thread. Pull the middle and fix it with a couple of stitches and a knot. Decorate core flower beads and petals unfold. Your masterpiece is ready.

Oplavlivanie advantageous in that the edge of synthetic fibers are baked, whereby a flower, made in this way, no flaking or razlohmachivaetsya with time.
How to make a bow organza

Bows are made with your own hands quickly and easily. Vykroyte of material on the five circles of 9 cm and five parts by 12 cm. Oplavte every detail along the contour of the candle. Then fold the piece in half wrong side inside and sew the halves of small stitches, without touching the fold. Gently pull the thread to the fabric gathered into a petal, then firmly tighten the thread and trim it. Process likewise other workpiece.

Now we make a big flower ring. Take five identical petals nanizhite them on nylon thread and close to the ring. Similarly, the five petals are made of a different size. A smaller ring put on top of a larger and sew on the inner edge of the petals.

Decorate the middle of a flower brooch, a large bead or artificial stone rimmed, attach a safety pin or rubber band, and stylish hair ornament or clothes ready.


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