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Published : 16-03-2016, 20:01 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Purses almost the same shape as the current clutches, known since the 16th century, but they were intended solely for carrying money.
Then practical women started to use this item and to store other very necessary for these things - from rings and mirrors to heart letters and personal diaries. At the same time, of course, the ladies have taken care of the attractive appearance of the subject dear to the heart. Needlewoman seamstress and get the hand sew and knit their bags of any material. Their imagination was inexhaustible: besides the skin and tissue, were introduced in a fashion elegant knitted goods, woven, embroidered lace and velvet, beads and glass beads.
It is believed that the first time this accessory was released after the French Revolution of the late 18th century and soon became widely known. Anyway, in 1804 the rules of etiquette prescribed to women to carry in a handbag hands. As all this was happening in France, and his first name it owes witty French. Originally known as the bag "retikyul", which translated from Latin as a wicker bag. But risible galls came to be called ladies 'accessory' redikyul ", which in French sounds" funny "," ridiculous. "

When this became known as clutch bag, it is not known, but in the English version which means "miss", which is understandable, because the classic clutches do not have handles or straps. They were worn on a finger or hand, and only in the late 19th century, the subject of "moved" on the shoulder. By the way, at the same time appeared on the bags and locks.

Splash clutch popularity comes at the end of 20-ies. 20th century. It is said that this unique model at a reception the Duke of Westminster gave Coco Chanel. This amazing woman, of course, often beginning to wear this bag with you, provoke a huge number of its imitators.

But the flourishing clutch hit in the post-war years. When Christian Dior showed it with his collection of clothes, handbag has become a classic. Without it, it is now impossible to imagine any fashion show. Without exception, all the famous designers "applied" his hand in the creation of new models of clutches, which gradually turned into real works of art.

Of course, modern clutch is not similar to a simple bag purse four hundred years ago. Now he can be not only flat, but also bulkier, the brightest colors, with straps, bracelets, belts or long detachable chain, for every taste. In addition to the classical form of a rectangle sewn as clutches, purses and trapeze. Produce bags like leather and suede and textile and synthetic leather. Finishing striking diversity too: sequins, beads, appliques made of different materials, pearls, metal, stones, fringe, fur.

This bag allows designers to fully express their creative imagination. History clutch goes on.


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