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Published : 16-03-2016, 19:58 | Category: TREND FASHION

Probably one of the most original and interesting innovations in the collections of fashionable footwear - a model in which designers show their creativity, experimenting with the shaft area.

Depending on the materials from which they are made, these boots can not only be a winter or spring and autumn, and summer. In addition, the collection can be seen not only the closed model, but also boots with open toes or heels. Freedom of design creativity is expressed in the fact that the boots with a wide top can be either on his heels, and without them.

The relevance and comfort boots with wide leg can be judged by Hollywood stars, which, of course, can be considered by legislators modern street fashion. It is difficult not to notice that the representatives of the stellar world, comfortable with wide leg boots are quite popular, especially due to the fact that they are combined with clothing of any subspecies style casual.

So, they combine perfectly with jeans narrow throughout its length. Not less attractive will look with these boots and legs, clad in dense opaque tights, for example, black or gray. By the same year with a wide top boots are especially relevant shorts and short dresses.

Despite the fact that boots with a wide top is very convenient, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances of individual choice of such shoes.

For example, boots with wide tops with no heels, no doubt, the most comfortable option to stop. In addition, they do not constrain movements do walk free and are suitable for everyday wear and for parties. However, lovers of heels you need to take into account features of the figure.

For example, owners of a bit fat feet wide and calves need to give preference to models with a stable heel of medium length. Those who have thin legs, it is best to choose a model that is gathered a little wide leg, and heel - thin enough.


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