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Published : 16-03-2016, 19:52 | Category: LOVE AND RELATIONS

Personal qualities of any person not related to education and work, but the personality is formed under the influence of personal factors. They genetically inherent in every human being, their correction is possible from time to time in small ranges.
The basic personality traits manifest themselves in the peculiarities of temperament and self-esteem.
Personality types are divided into: extroverts, introverts, emotionally stable and emotionally unstable people.
Extroverts need constant stimulation, they looseness, hot-tempered, overly cheerful, very sociable and have a propensity to take risks.
Introverts do not need external stimuli, they take strength from within, not sociable, closed, slow, but have a rich inner world.

Emotionally stable personality balanced, do not rush into extremes, are persistent.
Emotionally unstable people are in constant tension, afraid of something, worry too sensitive to their mistakes.
Unfortunately, very rarely, when the personal qualities coincide with the requirements of professional activity, since it affects the level of development of the profession. There are equally important qualities for a particular field of activity.

The most important personal qualities are considered to be self-reliance, hard work, commitment, reliability, steadiness, vigor and initiative. These qualities have all the successful people who have achieved a lot in his life.
The main thing is that the quality of each person was balanced, otherwise it will acquire the opposite meaning.
It provided a number of negative personality traits that hinder the harmonious existence: rudeness, arrogance, impatience, irascibility, irritability, haste, greed.
The personality traits are formed throughout life, gradually acquires more precise boundaries. Influenced the external environment, social status and lifestyle.


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Date: 13.11.17
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