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Published : 16-03-2016, 19:49 | Category: YOUR STYLE

To sew a denim bag at home, you will need: a sewing machine, thread, needles, pins, crayons, scissors, bright fabric of cotton, zipper, accessories, coins, buttons, rhinestones, beads, ribbon, old jeans or denim fabric, paint fabric painting.

Gather laundered and ironed unnecessary pair of jeans. Use scissors to cut the fabric to where codpiece ends. Be sure to leave 1 cm allowances. You should get a likeness short denim skirts, which will become the basis for the bags.

Take a bright cotton cloth, which will serve as a lining for the bag. Place the denim bag on the basis of a cotton fabric and draw around it with soap or chalk, using it as a template.

Lining must be reduced with each side of 1 cm. Fold parts of cotton fabric facing each other and their sostrochite on the sides and bottom. Next scribbling bottom of your denim handbag. From the cut of trousers you will be able to make a handle.

Cut two strips of 5 cm, length of select in its sole discretion. Handles can make two-sided. To do this, the same cut length and the width of the strip of cotton fabric colorful. Attach parts to each other, prostrochite them and turn out on the front side. Along the edges of the decorative obstrochku follow.

The finished liner insert in the bag, using a needle and thread carefully baste it manually. Original Pin handle on the top edge of the bag.

Now carefully product prostrochite on a typewriter. Scribbles need to slow and dense areas should drive the needle several times. Turn the dial hands, do not use the sewing pedal. Excess gumption remove.

The finished bag, you can decorate with a bow or ribbon made from the remaining fabric for the lining. To handle or jeans pocket, attach the bow. Also for decoration use bright buttons and large beads or rhinestones. This bag is perfect for walks in the park or going to the beach.


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