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Published : 16-03-2016, 19:44 | Category: YOUR STYLE

Bags of jeans. Why throw grown fond thing?

Old jeans - a great material for creativity. When grown fond thing to throw a pity, because it is possible to make a strong and original bag. A fashion accessory denim successfully complement any image. It is, according to the embodiment of the idea, maybe the beach, the promenade, the original ladies, or even a backpack. The hands bags are made fairly easily. With work to handle even those who are not familiar with the basics of sewing. The easiest way - to cut off the top of the jeans and sew the seams, left over from the leg. If you want to get a bulk bag Sew oval or round bottom. Attach the handle items received, fabricate liner if desired.

The same bag of jeans, made with his own hands, do not buy in the store.
The following method is suitable for the most economical. For example, from old jeans shorts you've done. How to use the remaining leg? As an option - to make creative bag with his hands. Trouser legs cut to arbitrary strip. It will be useful patterns. Bag of jeans, made with his own hands, must conform to a certain size, the desired shape. Gather the strips into a single fabric, stitched them on a typewriter. Free edge strips need to take a shabby look. For this fabric must be washed by hand. Attach the pattern to the fabric, trim excess and sew the edges. To bag acquired sufficient stiffness, strengthen the resulting piece of dense tissue adhesive. You can then sew the bottom and handles. Pattern the finished bag to your liking.
Bags with their own hands. How to make them out of jeans?

Bags of jeans - a fashion accessory. Decorating bags of jeans - it is a set of ideas, an opportunity to realize any fantasy textile. Decorate the bag with his hands any materials, and even new bags of jeans bought in the store. Often used as a decoration ready applications. Such fabrics are sold in the stores, departments of "all the sewing." Also, as the material can be used for finishing a denim fabric pieces. Patterns of it coming up with variety.

Bags of jeans. Sew your own hands quickly and easily. It takes only a desire.
The easiest option - to sew geometric shapes on top of the base material. Denim is well combined with metal buckles, belts. Fashionable considered floral motifs, patchwork. Originally look bags of jeans decorated with buttons, different buttons, leather items and even lace. Be creative in your pleasure, do not be afraid to combine the most unexpected materials.

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