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Published : 16-03-2016, 19:42 | Category: YOUR STYLE

Clothing decoration with beads and sequins

The easiest way to dress with their own hands decor - jointing beads, glass beads or sequins. You can sew items randomly, and can be gently spread the beads by applying pre-pattern.

Decorating things with beads, note that the intensive wear and frequent washings it may become darker, so before the test bead embroidery. To do this, rub them between your fingers and make sure that they have not got off the paint. If this should happen, take the other beads, and the use for pointing these things that will not be exposed to intensive use.

Decorating clothes with their own hands - a great opportunity to create a unique thing that exists in a single copy.

Convenient embroidery beaded detachable, especially if it is volume. Embroider the pattern on a scrap of fabric, which is then baste the garment. At the time of washing the original applique can be removed, and then return to the place.
A great way to decorate clothing - drawing on her drawing. For this purpose, an acrylic paint. You can come up with your own picture, and you can use ready-made stencil.
Decorating clothing fabric stripe

An unusual way to decorate clothing - sew her small elements cut from the fabric, similar in texture and color of the main cloth. This meticulous work requires patience and accuracy. Get maximum concentration and you will become the owner of an exclusive thing, similar to those produced today, many famous designers.

clothing decoration satin ribbons

You can create patterns on the clothes using lace or satin ribbon. To do this, sew them on the edges of the garment or lay out in the form of a pattern. Make a bow of ribbon and carefully sew it to the clothes in the right place.
Such a process, as a "ragged clothing", mainly used for decoration of denim clothing. To this end, denim trousers, breeches or shorts are cut holes which are subsequently not treated.
clothes decoration embroidery

If you know how to embroider, decorate your clothes original embroidery. There are many different techniques of embroidery motifs on the fabric - this cross-stitch and satin stitch and tapestry. If you are new to the embroidery business, learn some of the techniques, practice on a simple piece of cloth, and then boldly embody their artistic ideas on clothing.

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