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Published : 16-03-2016, 19:37 | Category: BEAUTY

Hair Type - this is the first option of choosing the right shampoo. Oily Hair products have antiseptic properties and prevents the rapid contamination of hair, acting on the scalp. They do not contain many nutrients and completely devoid of fat additives. Shampoo for dry hair contain oily ingredients that soften the hair and envelop them, creating an invisible protective film. Detergent for split ends can contain lanolin or lecithin, sticking agents, which give hair silky.

Shampoo for normal hair effectively cleanses the hair, has a soft and gentle influence. for fine hair means comprise additional components, which leaves the hair lighter textured film - thereby increasing the volume of hair.

Appointment of shampoo. Often you can find shampoos, combining the characteristics of a detergent and conditioner or balm can be used as a mask. It is better to purchase separate shampoo, conditioner and moisturizing mask, a cosmetic line, as each of them has a definite effect on the hair. A versatile tools often do not fulfill all the stated features, and you just overpay money for a normal shampoo.

If your hair is straight, then do not select any special shampoos for them. A curly tresses better wash shampoos that make them resilient, do not give the hair entangled.

Dyed, bleached or relaxed hair needs gentle care - all shampoos should be neutral, with a special mark of the high content of nutrients (oil, proteins, etc.). Also pay attention to the natural composition of shampoo - less than "chemistry" there is, the better.

If you suffer from dandruff, choose a shampoo in accordance with its type. Dry dandruff perfectly washed off by conventional means, and oily seborrhea accompanied by itching, appearance of crusts and sores on the scalp. To get rid of greasy dandruff needed medicated shampoos that reduce sebum production, have antimicrobial action and disinfects the skin.


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