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Published : 21-01-2016, 15:55 | Category: STYLISH THINGS

Shopper - a man who knows how to buy the right thing and do it the ability of their profession. Simply put, shopper stylist - a buyer with specialist skills in style. He can not just go shopping with flowering species. He still manages to drive his client boutiques with suitable things and helps him acquire the necessary wardrobe items. With such a personal stylist customer spends all day, following his advice and recommendations on the choice of style. And at this moment lie all the terms of successful shopping accompaniment. After all, trust someone to choose for you the clothes, but still a decent amount, only being on the same wavelength with that person and finding mutual sympathy. And for this to happen it is necessary to choose the right shopper stylist, drawing attention to some points. How to choose a shopping stylist? A short course for those who want to cultivate Firstly, you must know exactly who to go. That is, when selecting shopper based on the opinion of friends, have to deal with this shopper stylist. Well, if those in your environment is not present, search the Internet for personal blogs stylists reviews and preferably with a portfolio. Second, pay attention to the manner of talking with the stylist, in his or her tone, do not just stand edifying instructive broadcasts from another person without the ability to insert a word or object. Thirdly, it is good to immediately discuss the cost of services, pre-consultation and stores that will be shopping itself. Specify in advance to see if your shopper percentage of each item purchased, or taking a fixed hourly rate. Ask how much the service "a shopper's Day", this may be the result even cheaper than paying for a few hours. Also feel free to honestly say shopper on how much you plan to go shopping. If he really master of his craft, then it is not something out of the ordinary. Even if you meet the $ 500, well, even more so in 2000 and beyond.

Fourth, find out whether it is conducting this analysis wardrobe stylist. After all, each of us have things we expensive and truly valuable. When analyzing the wardrobe shopper carefully "shake up" your wardrobe and chooses the things successful, reaching you and those that must be wiped out. After this service the amount of things you needed, can be reduced. In the future, the stylist will help you choose a perfect complement to existing things and teach combine them with new things. Fifth, when the period of negotiations ended, and you have to choose shopper and you even met, then listen to your feelings and impressions about him or her. Note to myself, how easy is it you were together, you were selected words to communicate, or chatted. After all, you will no longer have to spend a few hours in the store, you'll have to listen to this man, his advice and reasoning.

Are you willing to trust him with their own style, their individuality and exclusivity? Sixth, the important thing is to communicate with the stylist. He or she in no case should not allow themselves to criticize the way in which you came to the meeting. As well as asking you about the value of your belongings, or vehicle accessories. This does not show professionalism, and simply trying to enhance its reputation and gain a reputation as cheap. Better to let him show his professionalism and competence on the matter, the store than throw dust in the eyes. And in conclusion I want to add last minute to make it really clear how to choose the shopper. Stylist you should not impose anything, it should only offer to buy anything, and therefore you should not. Especially if you think any thing too expensive. You can easily return to the selected by a stylist things the next day or in a week, no you can not forbid it. Shopper stylist shall teach you to dress stylish and suitable only items that you, not to convince you to buy a bag of clothes here and now. He is your assistant and a really good stylist will be your friend, to whom you can always turn to in case the need for a small fee, of course.

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