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Published : 16-03-2016, 19:31 | Category: STYLISH THINGS

If you are the owner of long hair, then you - a real fashionista! Long curls always delights. Beautiful, well-groomed hair look great, they reflect the good health of the woman.

All the ladies know how men like long mane. Therefore, do not leave with a great head of hair, the more so that now they are very relevant and are trendy.

Do owners of long hair it is possible to make yourself different hairstyles. Their variations, with good imagination is unlimited. The choice is very varied, you can find options that are suitable for almost every type of person.

What are the hairstyles on long hair in fashion in 2011? Consider proposals stylists, given the type and facial features.

1) Rounded type faces. For such direct fit, loose hair with a little nap in the back of his head. This image will give tenderness, hair will look lush and smooth at the same time.

2) Wide cheekbones. For girls with a feature of the face fit option simply loose on both sides of the shoulders, the hair. Let them streaming down naturally.

Owners of a long and healthy hair is permissible to simply dismiss them, while demonstrating a great shine.

3) The fine facial features. For representatives of this type of person is suitable hairstyle with a high stacking and wavy tresses. In 2011, slightly wavy hair is very fashionable, such hairstyles give expressive way.

4) The major features. For this type of suit vertical curls. They should just put parted. If you want, you can decorate hair barrette.

5) Rounded "baby" face with a short beak. In order to look more solid, owners of this type of facial hairstyles stylists recommend to do in the retro style.


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