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Published : 16-03-2016, 19:25 | Category: LIFESTYLE

Decide first what type of curtain you want to have in your bedroom. The veil can be as simple as a rug. Its edges can decorate frill - it's for a romantic bedroom. And if you manage well enough with a sewing machine, you will be the "hand" blanket complex, made of multiple pieces of colored fabric, the so-called patchwork. Or even quilting.

Before you cut the product, you need to know the size of the bed: Measure the width and length. By the length of the bed, add 3.5 cm (for joints), and a width of 3 cm fabric covers can be very diverse:. Tapestry satin, wool, organza lining. On the reverse side should be stitched some non-smooth cloth to cover not crawled out of bed.

If you want to decorate the cover frill, first calculate its width. To do this, the height of the fabric vychte away from ruffles to the floor and add 4 cm at the seams. frills length must be at least a half times greater than the length of one curtain - that was enough for the assembly. Frill consists of several parts: two sides, one for the foot and two - for the corners. Well done on the perimeter edge, frill to better lay. For frills will fit not only the fabric is gathered, but also lace, fringe, you can link it to the hook and make a brush.

A more sophisticated version - quilted bedspread. To do this, you need not only the fabric but also the lining. Stitch can be done on the machine, but you can manually stitching it in several places. Lines of stitches to hold chalk.

Very popular covers in patchwork style. There are a few subtleties. Firstly, you need to choose the fabric of the same weight and texture. Otherwise, the fabric may ridge parts by crosslinking. Second, your veil should be suitable for machine washing, and then with dry cleaning and then trouble will not be gathered!

Before cutting the fabric wash and iron (to avoid surprises with shrinkage). Then, cutting squares of pinking shears, so that the edges do not fray. Sew parts especially strong synthetic filaments, so that they are not separated in the wash. Squares (or diamonds) please number by color and place on the table for clarity. Then sewn. Tip: crosslinked in the form of long strips gradually When sewing them together. Two halves make better covered separately, and then combine. So it will be much easier.


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