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Published : 21-01-2016, 15:12 | Category: ACCESSORIES

The most important thing - the overall harmony, which is achieved due to the consonance of all the components of the image. Thus, depending on the design of the clutch and texture it can find the most diverse applications. - Classic leather clutch with concise design and noble colors. Such a thing is almost universal. With it, you can go and work in the office and on a date and at social events. So if you're used to do a minimum of things, this is the option for you. However, today you can find quite roomy clutches - though bear in mind that too much stuff they should not be, as they will look ugly, and wearing them is not too convenient.

The great advantage of this model is its ability to look harmonious ensemble with any top clothes, whether it's an elegant coat, a luxurious fur coat or feminine trench. - Metallic. Spectacular brilliant little clutch in silver or golden color, made of textiles or leather - the perfect complement of the image of the evening. However, by itself it is quite bright accent, so it is best to combine these models with laconic cocktail dresses. For example, the dress-case black or beige, he will look perfect. - Colored clutches saturated colors. This bag easily fits in a variety of ensembles. Bright clutches complement and youth, and evening and casual image. They will look equally harmoniously with a mini-dresses, and shorts, and jeans narrowed, and with feminine sundresses.

The main thing - is the unity of colors. - Designer clutches can be decorated with the most incredible way and to have a variety of forms. Today clutches used for decorating beads, stones, embroidery, fur, feathers, insert denim and leather - in general, the imagination of designers truly limitless. In addition, you can find heart-shaped clutches, elegant flower, seashell, ducks, etc. Of course, any of these masterpieces of design art is bought by the appropriate attire. Choosing the dress bag, making sure that the excess of ornaments and details are not added to your way instead of sophistication and glamor of vulgarity and bad taste. Do not mix different elements of decoration on the dress and clutch - for example, crystals and pearls.

General recommendations - Despite the fact that today the clutch has the widest application, do not try to fit it into a sporty style - is mauvais ton. Many believe that the clutch does not have a chain or strap and worn in the hand. However, complete with most of them still are devices that allow the clutch to wear on the shoulder or elbow. Therefore, every woman decides for itself how the clutch wear. It is best to be guided by practical considerations. For example, going to a disco or social events, keep your bag in your hand or arm. If you have planned a shopping trip or a visit to the exhibition, the strap or chain will not interfere. - Shoes and clutch shall be in harmony with each other - it does not matter which way you will achieve this. - The more complex your dress, the easier it is to be clutch. And vice versa. As you can see, modern life itself is defined as the right to wear a clutch - almost like you want! Beauty and functionality brought this accessory wildly popular. We hope that you will manage to turn the clutch in an important part of your individual style.


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