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BASIC STEPS Step Aerobics

BASIC STEPS Step Aerobics  

21.02.16 | Category: NEW FASHION
Basic steps All exercises can be started on either the right or left foot, after each exercise-changing sequence. Starting position - feet on the floor, connected together. Top-up (top). Right foot to stand on a step. The left leg is...
We make clothes for low girls

We make clothes for low girls  

20.02.16 | Category: NEW FASHION
Many women of small stature full of complexes because of this, in their opinion, lack. But I hasten to reassure you - tall and strong men choose his companion was tiny lady. So in fact, here, only advantages. A small dog to old age - a...
Stylish Emami dresses

Stylish Emami dresses  

21.01.16 | Category: NEW FASHION
Dress-transformer - along with a "double bottom", with a hidden meaning Thing surprise - a "double bottom", with a hidden meaning ... It's funny, intriguing, often unexpectedly, and most importantly - very convenient! Transformers,...