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FiiO X1 II - for true connoisseurs of style and high-quality audio equipment

There is not much money to improve your mood. The most effective and proven of them is music. For the reproduction of music, many stationary and portable devices have been developed. The latter option is ideal for those who want to have music always nearby

In the modern world much attention is paid to appearance and style. These two factors form the first impression of a person. Therefore, everyone wants his image to be impeccable. Appearance is important for successful men, and for those who are just beginning the path to success. 

An impeccable image will help successful men in contracting, during business negotiations, and he will also have business partners. For those who have just started to strive for the heights, a stylish and neat appearance will help to establish useful contacts and achieve new successes. 

A stylish look gives self-confidence in the future, and this is felt by others. 

On a positive wave of pleasant melodies

The mood greatly affects the appearance. If it is bad or there is a breakdown, as a rule, there is absolutely no time left to improve your image. 

There is not much money to improve your mood. The most effective and proven of them is music. For many, certain tracks are associated with pleasant moments of life and different memories. Pleasant melodies improve mood and tune in a positive way. 

In addition, music often becomes an integral part of playing sports. Runs, simulators, gymnastics, shaping and even yoga will be more fun and productive if they are accompanied by properly selected music tunes. 

Make music as close to the original reproduction of modern audio devices

For music to bring maximum enjoyment, it is important that it was not only pleasant on hearing, but also high-quality. But what if there is no possibility to attend a concert of the performer, especially if it refers to a bygone era? 

For the reproduction of music, many stationary and portable devices have been developed. The latter option is ideal for those who want music to be always near. 

Among the popular portable devices are not the last place occupied by smartphones. They combine many individual devices (camera, alarm clock, notepad, phone), in particular a player with different storage capacity for storing files. 

Nevertheless, smartphones are unable to transfer music in the quality in which it was conceived by the performer. To make the music quality as ideal as possible,audio players . 

Especially popular were the Hi-Fi (High Fidelity) audio players. This means that such players reproduce a sound as close as possible to the original. 

FiiO X1 II combines progressive technology with perfect sound

. FiiO deserves special attention among all manufacturers of Hi-Fi players. It was founded in 2007 and during its activity has earned the trust of consumers in many countries of the world. In addition, the brand is considered one of the fastest growing. FiiO is committed to innovation. The released devices ideally combine reliability, quality, ergonomics and affordable price. 

Among all released FiiO Hi-Fi devices, the FiiO X1 II audio player deserves special attention This is an excellent choice for stylish men who prefer to use quality devices with a presentable design. 

Player FiiO X1 II was created on the basis of the results of the study of experts. They conducted hundreds of tests, compared dozens of portable audio devices and developed a player that perfectly combines the best qualities. 
The player's basses are moderate with good depth. In its price category, the device has an excellent separation of instruments, vocals and good detail. Each instrument sounds correctly without the feeling of accuracy. Player FiiO X1 II is suitable for listening to any music genres. 

One of its functions is the ability to listen to music without wires, which are often tangled and spoiled by mechanical influences. Just one touch, and music will sound without wires.

Wireless communication with headphones - practical, convenient and modern.

Wireless communication is provided by Bluetooth 4.0. Due to two-way data transmission, the signal is simultaneously transmitted and transmitted. This solution allows you to use the control panel when the gadget communicates via Bluetooth with wireless headphones. 

It should be noted that the Bluetooth audio player does not connect to smartphones and other devices for playing music. 

Presentable design, ideal for a stylish man

The audio player FiiO X1 II impresses with a presentable and modern design. At the top of the device there is a small display that shows the track being played, the battery level and other settings. At the bottom of the audio player are control buttons and a touch wheel. 

The body of the device is made of a durable and non-slip material, so the player will not slip out accidentally from the hands during operation.

Advantages and characteristics of the audio player FiiO X1 II 

- Clean and high-quality sound. 

- Works without recharging for more than 12 hours. 

- Equipped with a touch wheel with improved sensitivity, mobility and reliability. 

- Bluetooth 4.0 is based on the F1C81 chipset. This solution allows you to listen to music on wireless headphones with a minimum delay. 

- Various colors: black, red, silver, and also pink gold. 

- Micro SD memory type up to 265 gigabytes. 

- Seven-band equalizer. 

- Compact size. 

- Long service life. 

- Affordable price.

It's no exaggeration to say that the FiiO X1 II Audio Player is a new generation device. The player refers to high-quality audio devices that reproduce sound that resembles the original as much as possible. When playing music on this player, you can hear all the chords and the voice of the musician. 

Player FiiO X1 II will be an excellent "companion" and will please with a clean sound, wherever its owner would be.

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