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The strangest martial arts

Martial arts emerged in the early era of human civilization. Even in the tombs of Ancient Egypt on the walls there were mentions of some forms of struggle, in particular about the martial art of Nuba. 

By martial arts means different types of struggle. They are used for self-defense, improving health and physical fitness, as a component of meditation, as well as for presentations and competitions. 

In today's article, we want to talk about the most strange martial arts that are practiced in different countries of the world.


Sumo is considered a national sport in Japan. Opponents are characterized by fatness, great weight and endurance. Allowed tricks include grips, thrusts, throws, footsteps and even slaps. Modern sumo combines a tribute to centuries-old traditions, representation, sport and business.


Indian single combat is most often in a square pit. The winner is the one who knocked the enemy down. For the training of fighters, a clear regime and plan is drawn up. In addition, athletes adhere to a strict diet to keep their body in good shape.


Very interesting and unusual Brazilian martial art of capoeira combines not only combat, but also dances with elements of acrobatics. There was such a sport in South Africa. Black slaves in this way entertained and competed among themselves. Thanks to the colonists, the martial art of capoeira has become popular in Brazil, Portugal, and then all over the world.


This kind of struggle is common in Brazil. It is based on painful and suffocating methods. If a person has mastered the Jiu-Jitsu technique well, he can defend himself, even if the opponent has more physical strength.  


Martial art is typical of southern India. The main attributes for the battle are the shield and the sword. Opponents use about a hundred techniques to defend and attack. 

According to historical facts, Kalaripayattu is considered the cradle of all oriental martial arts.


Taijiquan is a rather peculiar kind of Chinese martial art. It is more like a gymnastics with elements of meditation. Exercise looks beautiful, but it's not the main thing plus Taijiquan. This sport improves coordination of movements, physical form, and also helps to manage energy flows.

Shaolin Quan

Shaolin Quan originated in the Shaolin monastery of the same name in the Chinese province of Henan. Combat skill is a group of exercises. The soldiers show good speed, courage and even ferocity, but at the same time they remain calm and peaceful in their hearts.

Battlemanship of Bollywood

Indian films released in Bollywood have become famous and popular thanks to interesting and even incredible fighting techniques. This is how Bollywood became a martial artist. Often it combines the combat techniques of different martial arts. Any ninja could envy the skills of such art.


The basis for wrestling is the staging. They are complemented by combat and theatrical art. As a result, the audience gets an interesting show. Often in such theatrical battles take part girls. 

The fighters show the spectators throws, power receptions and captures, accompanied by amusing acrobatic tricks. 

Kung Fu

Closes the list of the most strange kinds of martial arts Chinese Kung Fu. It is based on fast, courageous and even violent methods. Poses and movements of Kung Fu are borrowed from animals. 

The fighter takes possession of the image of the chosen animal and demonstrates its best fighting qualities. This kind of martial arts is often featured in American films, as it impresses with entertainment and dynamics. A typical representative of Kung Fu is Bruce Lee.

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