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How in our time to save on gasoline?

In the conditions of an infinite rise in price of fuel it is useful to know techniques that will help to avoid unnecessary expenses for the maintenance of the car.

In the conditions of an infinite rise in price of fuel it is useful to know techniques that will help to avoid unnecessary expenses for the maintenance of the car.

All motorists know that you can drive a car without thinking about how much fuel it consumes in this or that situation, and you can save gas every day without buying a hybrid car.

Of course, so-called methods of eco-driving are familiar to many drivers. For example, a smooth start from a traffic light without annealing rubber saves not only the nerves of others, but also the engine's life and gasoline.

1. Follow the aerodynamics

And the good aerodynamics of the machine helps to save fuel. If the car does not have aerodynamic shapes, it is possible to reduce air resistance by removing from the body of various small parts, such as the roof rack, bicycle carriers, if they are not, of course, vital.

2. Clean more often in the car

Take care that in the cabin does not accumulate all the things that have long been thrown out or taken to the garage. Excess baggage only increases the weight of the car, which, in turn, increases fuel consumption.

3. Check the tires

Half-blown tires increase not only the chances of getting into an accident, but also the consumption of gasoline. The fuel consumption in this case can increase by 3%.

4. Use the air conditioner prudently

Air conditioning or climate control in the car - an irreplaceable thing. But do not use such benefits of civilization all the time. According to statistics, cooling the air in the car can increase fuel consumption by 1 l / 100 km. So use climate control only if necessary.

5. Reduce the number of revolutions per minute

For those who have a car with manual transmission. Switch gears is a bit earlier, around 2500 rpm for gasoline engines and 2000 rpm for diesel.

6. Turn off the engine in traffic jams

If the flow of cars does not move and does not plan to do this for the next half an hour, it is better to completely drown the engine in order to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption.

7. Plan a route

To "not cut circles" on an unfamiliar route, it is better to plan the trip in advance, choosing the best route. In addition, now there are already "smart" navigators that will help not only to reach the destination, but also to do it with minimal fuel consumption.

8. Follow the road

Mindful of the traffic situation will help to predict in advance which sections may require acceleration or vice versa. It is worth remembering that emergency braking increases fuel consumption. If the car has such a useful function like cruise control, enjoy.

9. Walk on foot

The most effective way to save fuel in our country is to use your car less often.

10. The use of public transport

Also, to save liters of gasoline will help public transport.

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