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Experts told how to save fuel

Recently, the price of fuel keeps many motorists in suspense. Nevertheless, there are methods by which fuel consumption can be reduced. They are real and accessible to every driver

Experts conducted a study in which they found out how motorists can save fuel; and this is not giving up the car in favor of public transport. 

So, effective ways how to save money on gasoline in a time of crisis.

It is necessary to maintain the car in time

First of all you should maintain a good technical condition of your vehicle. When there is no problem with the state of the car, the fuel consumption also does not increase unreasonably. However, breakdowns and belated maintenance can lead to increased consumption.  

Correct operation of the car conditioner

Using the air conditioner takes power from the machine and increases fuel consumption. This process is particularly noticeable in small cars. 

Air conditioning must not be turned on at full capacity. In this case, the driver and his passengers will not catch cold, but fuel consumption will not increase.

Normal tire pressure level

When the tire pressure is below normal, for example, below 2.2 atmospheres, the flow rate increases and the handling of the vehicle deteriorates. In addition, tires will wear out faster. 

To monitor the pressure level in the tires, you can buy a pressure gauge. In some machines, this function is built into the on-board computer.

Refueling with high quality fuel

Experts advise to refuel at well-proven fuel stations. Low-quality fuel will not only increase the consumption, but also badly affect the technical condition of the car, in particular, gasoline filters and engine.

Proper driving style and thoughtful routes

Experts recommend choosing roads where there are fewer traffic jams, after all, while idling in them, gasoline will be wasted. No less important is the style of driving. If you start abruptly, drift and gas, fuel will be consumed substantially. 

In this way, you can not only save fuel, but also maintain the car in good condition. Then it will require less financial investment. 

Do you have a method of saving fuel that we did not mention? If so, share it with us in the comments.

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