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Beautiful and amazing places that are unknown to many tourists

Surprising in its beauty islands with turquoise waters, huge flower fields and bubbling, crystal clear waterfalls are truly fabulous places. And we want to talk about some of them

On our planet there is a huge number of stunningly beautiful places, of which many have no idea and where the foot of tourists has not gone. In addition, it is very difficult to get to them. 

Surprising in its beauty islands with turquoise waters, huge flower fields and bubbling, crystal clear waterfalls are truly fabulous places. And we want to talk about some of them.

1. Red earths of Donchuan, China

In the south-west of the city of Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, is a mountain valley with red earth. The red lands of Donchuan are located far from the infrastructure, so this unusual place is not indicated on the tourist map of China. The lands of this remote region were seen by photographers in the mid-nineties. 

Red lands cover a territory of more than 200 thousand square kilometers. They got their name because of the reddish-brown color of the soil, which is saturated with iron and other minerals. If you look from a height, it seems that a small piece of land is covered with a multi-colored reddish-brown coverlet.

2. Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Blagaj is a small village, located among the small boiling waterfalls, at the sources with crystal clear blue water of the Buna river. The site of this fabulous place is a monastery, which rises among white small houses. It was here for a long time that wandering dervishes and Sufis lived. 

This sacred structure is called the refuge of Muslim monks. Currently, the monastery is a museum, where anyone can visit a tourist. In the courtyard there is a small restaurant where you can enjoy trout.

3. Lake Hillier, Australia

It is difficult to imagine this indescribable beauty. It just needs to be seen. The only pink lake on Earth that surrounds snow-white sand, and around the impenetrable eucalyptus forest is Lake Hillier. An amazing lake was discovered in 1802. It is located on the island of Middle Island, in the south-west of Australia. 

Its main feature is a bright pink color that does not change year round. The unusual color of the reservoir is its secret, which no one can unravel. Previously it was assumed that this color is attached to water bacteria and various microorganisms. But this guess was not confirmed. The only way to get to this amazing place is to take advantage of air transport.

4. Wakachina, Peru

In the center of the vast desert is the city-oasis of Huacachina. The road to it from the capital of Peru (Lima) takes about 5 hours drive. And the road is not easy. 

The population of this fabulous city is only about 200 people. And, of course, being there, you can completely feel cut off from the whole world and civilization. And sandy Peruvian hills - a great place for riding on the sandbord.

5. Marieta Island, Mexico

An unusual beach that has a romantic name Beach of Love (Playa de amor) is on the island of Marieta in the Bay of Banderas. This hidden beach is in a small hollow, surrounded by a dense forest. 

To get into this paradise lost in the forest wilderness is possible only on the water, through the labyrinths of underwater caves. On the beach you can see a huge variety of birds and plunge into crystal clear sea water.

6. Isola Bella Island, Italy

This island, located in the water area of ​​Lake Lago Maggiore, is considered one of the most beautiful islands on Earth. On a small piece of land is a magnificent Borromeo palace. There is also a multi-level garden with beautiful flowering bushes, grottoes, fountains and terraces. Complement the magnificence of this place are the royal birds - white peacocks.

7. Popeye Village, Malta

The village of the sailor Popeye Village in Malta consists of wooden houses, which were originally intended for the filming of the famous Popeye musical in 1980. The modern village in Malta is a resort area and is a tourist attraction of Malta. There is a very beautiful amusement park. You can organize a cruise on the bay and enjoy stunningly beautiful scenery. The situation, which has survived in some houses, resembles the times of filming a musical and has a direct bearing on the film.

8. The Church of Las Lajas, Colombia

The monumental basilica of Las Lajas Sanctuary is located in the department of Nariño (Colombia), in the gorge on the border of Ecuador and Colombia. This is one of the most visited temples of Colombia. The non-gothic cathedral is located on a bridge between noisy waterfalls and high cliffs and resembles a castle-fortress. 

It is a symbol of peace between the Ecuadorian and the Colombian peoples. On the rocks near the church you can see many grateful signs for help and healing.

9. Florish Island, Portugal

This evergreen beautiful island is listed in the UNESCO heritage list. Here is a national park with an unusual rare flora and fauna. This island is located in the western part of the Azores archipelago off the coast of Portugal. It is covered with all kinds of flowers, plants and is rich in thermal springs. Rice flooded fields, unusually beautiful villages and volcanic lakes are everywhere.

10. The cleft of Silfra, Iceland

The Silfra Rift (rift), formed in Lake Tingvadlavatn, is located in the Tingvellir National Park in Iceland. Divers and lovers of thrill have long loved this unusual and amazing place. The greatest depth is 63 m, and the visibility of the purest cold water in this depression is more than 100 m. Therefore, when swimming and diving, you can lose a sense of depth here.

11. Darvaz "The Gates of Hell", Turkmenistan

Darvaza (Darvaza) is a huge active gas crater. Its size is about 60 meters in diameter and 20 meters in depth. For a long time it has received the name "the Door to the underworld". Geologists accidentally stumbled upon a cave with a lot of natural gas. To avoid its impact on humans and animals, this gas was set on fire. According to experts, he was to die out a few days later. But to everyone's surprise, this gas has been burning for about 45 years. Naturally, this is a magical and enchanting sight. To look at it tourists go from everywhere.

12. "City in the Rock" Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

In the south of Spain, for eight centuries, the city of Setenil de las Bodegas is located - one of the most amazing corners of Andalusia. Its main attraction is the many-toned arches of rocks that hang over houses and streets. A lot of houses are literally "embedded" in the rocks. The walls and roofs of the dwellings are basalt rock, on the slope of which this wonderful town is located.

13. National Park Lencois Maranensis, Brazil

This amazing park is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in the northeast of Brazil. The miracle of nature is covered with snow-white dunes up to 40 meters high. And when the rainy season begins, an unforgettable spectacle takes place here. At this time among the sand dunes you can see many lagoons with crystal clear, turquoise water and all kinds of living creatures. As fish and crabs get here - this no one knows. But the sight is simply amazing. 

The best time for visiting the park "Lencois Maranensis" (Lençóis Maranhenses) from July to September. During this period, the lagoons are completely filled with water.

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