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15 warm countries, where you can live much cheaper than ours

Pack bags and suitcases! Made top-15 countries, where living costs budgetary than you imagine

Pack bags and suitcases! Made top-15 countries, where living will cost more than you imagine. 

Of course, in every country there are nuances, but a gentle sun, beautiful nature and azure water overshadow all the minuses. 


In this friendly country prices are more than affordable. Lunch can be done well for a dollar, and it's comfortable to live for $ 150. However, it is better to carry out professional activities via the Internet, because in Indonesia it is problematic to find decent work. In addition to a lucrative financial side, there are luxurious natural resources and picturesque landscapes that you can contemplate endlessly. 


Cambodia is an excellent abode for those who are not allowed to roam the budget. You can really live here for little money. For example, for 5 dollars you will be caught a delicious fish or crab, which will be cooked right before your eyes. Any sea delicacies here can be bought for only a couple of dollars. 

However, wild beaches prevail in Cambodia. They are not suitable for relaxation under a beach umbrella. On such a beach it is easy to meet animals or other ill-advised forest dwellers. This is a good choice for those who want to retire away from the infrastructure. 

Vietnam The 

zest of the state is a huge wild forest. In addition, the water in this country and a considerable barrier reef are an ideal place in Asia for successful hunting underwater and scuba diving. 

Housing in Vietnam can be rented for 100-200 dollars (per month). However, you need to be prepared that you will have to regularly contact the population and share a beach with it. 


This country is located in the south-eastern part of mysterious Asia. It is famous for ancient monasteries with Buddha statues and walks along an unbridled river. Lunch in Laos will cost an average of about $ 5. You can live here for 10-20 dollars a day. For travel, you can rent a bike, paying for it 9-10 dollars. 


Thailand is very popular among tourists with different preferences. Although it will cost more than other Asian countries, however, the prices in it are still democratic, especially if compared with Europe. 

Lunch in Thailand is approximately up to $ 3, and a private house can be rented for a long lease for 160-320 dollars. At the same time among the real jungle you can find a good level of housing for only $ 4 per day. 


India is famous not only for the Taj Mahal, but also for ancient temples, ramshackle caves and unique culture. Homes can be rented from Indians for 100-110 dollars. A dish of chicken with rice will cost about 40 rupees (almost 60 cents). You can eat well for a couple of dollars. 



Mysterious Nepal is known for its unique mystical atmosphere, which has for meditation and spiritual enlightenment. For all those who are not keen on meditation, this is an excellent place for relaxation and relaxation among the magnificent mountain nature. In addition, in Nepal you can eat well for only one dollar a day. An exclusive dish in the restaurant can cost 8 dollars, and rent an apartment (a good one-room) - 1-2 dollars. Public transport is also affordable. It will cost about two cents for the journey. 


China can certainly be called a contrasting country. On the one hand it is a stone jungle, and on the other - a natural picturesque nature with an extraordinary untouched beauty. The defunct latitudes of the Gobi Desert and, of course, the highest point of the world - Everest, are integral parts of the Chinese heritage. 

This state has a very developed infrastructure. Therefore, in great China it is very easy to move to any desired point. Taxis in many cities can cost one dollar if the trip is short. For a hearty dinner, you can give only a couple of dollars. 

Bulgaria. Veliko Tarnovo 

In this state, housing is not cheap. However, the tourist holiday will not hit your pocket. In Veliko Tarnovo there are very beautiful and picturesque places no worse than in France. You can rent an apartment here for $ 200 a month. 


Everything in Nicaragua is inexpensive. And food, and housing - just a godsend for budget accommodation. If you are used to a high level of comfort, then for 900 dollars you can rent luxury accommodation, qualitatively eat for two, go to the movies and restaurants, and use the services of a cleaner. 


This state has a rich cultural history. It has a lot of historical sights and natural resources. The best tropical fruits and fragrant coffee will be available, worth it to you. 

Guatemala is considered by right one of the most budgetary countries for a measured life. Of course, own housing for 10 rooms can cost around 100 thousand green. However, they can ask 200 dollars for a good one-room apartment. You can eat well here for 30-40 dollars a whole week. 


In recent years, this previously unexplored country is rapidly expanding and progressing in terms of tourism. Everything is cheap, very tasty and chic. Useful delicacies can be tasted for only $ 3. 


In Peru, prices are very contrasting. Of course, they do not differ cheap in big cities and even in towns. However, in small settlements that are located in the jungle itself, you can live for ridiculous money. 

Mexico. Guanajuato 

Guanajuato is a fairly progressive town. Housing in it will cost about 200 dollars (per month), and beer of good quality costs less than a dollar. You can watch the movie in the cinema for only 3-4 dollars. 

But one of the most popular and famous tourist attractions of the ancient city is the Museum of Mummies. Such a museum is the only world. It stores the mummified bodies of the deceased people. The process of mummification took place in a natural way. 

Albania. Ksamil Beach 

The southernmost corner of Albania can become a cozy abode for a calm and measured life. A pleasant Mediterranean climate, mandarins, olive oil will necessarily be associated with this country. Despite the neighborhood with Italy and Greece, everything here is inexpensive. You can rent housing for 100-120 dollars, and drink beer - for 90 cents. 

In addition, in Albania, this abundance of seafood, the price of which does not exceed $ 6 in the cafe. Leisure can be spent on the curbed beaches under an umbrella or ride on a yacht at an affordable price. 

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