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The most strange and amazing cities of the planet

All the cities on the planet differ from each other by their uniqueness and originality. However, there are places that can hit even the one who saw everything

All the cities on the planet differ from each other by their uniqueness and originality. However, there are places that can hit  even the one who saw everything 

We offer your attention a selection of the strangest cities - a visit to these places will be remembered for a long time.  

1. A city located in two states

There are many similar cities on earth, but this one is the most unique. Büsingen am Hohrain - exclave of Germany in Switzerland. Economically and sociopolitically, it is part of Switzerland, in administrative terms it is part of Germany. A distinctive feature of the German-Swiss town is that it uses two postal codes - German and Swiss. But the main currency of this city is the Swiss franc. The residents use German and Swiss phone numbers. The only German football team of the club "Büsingen" plays at the Swiss Championships. In the city there are telephone booths separately for calls to Switzerland and separately to Germany.

2. Hell Hell

A small town called Hell is located in the state of Michigan (USA). Where did this name come from? But the local people like it. They are very happy to support the "hellish image" of the city. Tourists are often photographed at the entrance to this town. Here is an unusual sign with the inscription: "Welcome to Hell". And in the local souvenir shop you can buy documents for using one square inch of land in Hell. The price of one square inch is $ 6.66. Definitely, the locals are not without humor.

3. Chinese clone of a European city

Chinese craftsmen with great success have learned to copy all the unique and unusual. And as for copying the city - it turned out quite successfully. To the Chinese residents, as well as tourists could feel themselves Europeans and get the opportunity to wander through the European streets, they made an unusual decision-built a copy of the Austrian town of Hallstatt. Beautiful houses with their unusual architecture can not be distinguished from the Austrian ones. Construction began with the church, then other buildings were built in the image and likeness of the Austrian. The streets are paved with beautiful tiles. Tourists and locals enjoy spending time here, walking, forgetting that they are in China. As for real estate in the Chinese Hallstatt - it is much more expensive than in the Austrian.

4. A city in which it is forbidden to die

The Norwegian settlement of Longyearbyen (Svalbard) is the northernmost settlement in the world. It is officially forbidden to die here. The only cemetery has not been functioning for more than 70 years. Such a law is explained by the fact that because of the strongest frosts, the bodies do not decompose. And this attracts predators. People are transported to other cities of Norway for disposal by air.


5. The last free city on Earth

In the desert of Colorado (southeastern California) there is a place called Slab City (Slab City). Mostly live here, those who have nowhere to go are vagabonds, homeless, disillusioned hippies and elderly people. This city consists of trailers and homemade shacks. In the 1940s, there was a military base and a training ground, which, after a time, was moved ten miles to the north. And almost every evening local listen to the sounds of shooting mixed with howling coyotes. After the military left a lot of bunkers, observation bases and other structures, which are called slabs - hence the name of the city. Nobody pays for an apartment, as well as taxes in Slab City. There are no municipal services here. This is quite strange and unusual, but the inhabitants of this place say that they are comfortable and comfortable here. The locals gave him the name "

6. The Blue City

Traveling in Morocco, you can get to an amazing and beautiful place - the town of Shaven. Here everything is painted in blue and blue colors - walls, doors, stairs, sidewalks have an amazing color - from blue to blue shades. This is due to the fact that in ancient times Jews lived here, who considered the blue color sacred. Therefore, they painted their homes only in this color. The Jews in this place have not lived for a long time, but the tradition has survived. It is transmitted from generation to generation.

7. City-rock

The unusual city of Setenil de las Bodegas, located in the south of Spain, attracts tourists from all over the world. They come here to see the miracle created by nature and the skillful hands of man. The thing is that the city is located in a huge rock and is one with it. Instead of a blue sky overhead, you can see overhanging basalt rocks. It seems that they can collapse at any moment on their heads. But they have been standing here for centuries.

8. A city with a single roof

In Alaska there is the city of Whittier, which is under one roof. It is housed in a 14-story building - this is the former army barracks. Here is all the infrastructure: shops, a hospital, a police station, a school. There is also a church and other institutions necessary for life. The fact is that in this amazing place almost all year round very severe frosts and winds. And in order to save heating and electricity, this city was built. By the way, only 220 people live here.

9. A city where the number of dead is greater than that of the living

In the Californian city of Colma, there are more than 17 cemeteries. And for every living there are about 1000 dead. The territory of the city is 4,944 square kilometers, of which 75% are occupied by cemeteries. At one time, the authorities decided to remove all the cemeteries from the nearby city of San Francisco. And all the deceased were reburied in this place. Earlier in the city, only florists, gravediggers and masters of making monuments lived. But in 1980, people from other professions began to come here. Today the motto of the city is "It's great to be alive in Kolm!"

10. City of humanoids

In 1947, near the city of Roswell (USA), residents observed an unusual phenomenon - in this place an unidentified flying object fell. That it was still unknown. But in connection with this event Roswell became known as a city of aliens. Every year there are festivals that are devoted to the invasion of UFOs. Even on McDonald's there is an image of aliens.

11. A city of caves

In the south of Tunisia there is an unusual city - Matmata. Some of the local residents live in houses, which are deep dugouts, excavated in local hard ground. Traditionally, around each dugout were dug artificial caves, which served as rooms and connected to ditches-corridors. In 1970, ordinary dwellings were built in the city, but most of the local people live in caves. Those who watched the movie "Star Wars" - this place can remind the home of Luke Skywalker.

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