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What foods cause stress?

It has long been known that the diet affects health, appearance and well-being. Recently, scientists decided to figure out whether there are products that can cause stress

In a rapid pace of life, stress happens regularly. They harm people and worsen the quality of life. 

Sedatives reduce the feeling of stress, but they have many side effects. Therefore, it is best to struggle with a bad emotional state without medication. 

Representatives of the scientific community from the United States conducted an experiment with the participation of rodents to find out which foods can provoke the development of stress. 

It turned out that rodents who consumed fatty foods were more prone to stress and depressive states compared to rats who ate ordinary food. The same results apply to people. 

Scientists believe that the harm will bring any food that contains a lot of fat.Especially negative impact will be on fatty varieties of meat, milk, fried foods and fast food. 

The organizer of the study believes that the relationship between depression and food is especially strong if a person liked to eat harmful foods during the adolescent period. 

Earlier, experts said that people over 30 years of mood swings can be observed due to a lack of products rich in antioxidants . These products include green tea, beans, artichoke, all kinds of greens and red wine. 

A poor-quality diet entails problems at the psychological level. Such people are harder to deal with the turmoil, so they quickly give up and twitch depressions. 

Recall earlier experts found that in the fight against stress and depression help game and care for dogs. 

The results obtained will help people to deal with stress through a healthy diet, which, moreover, will help to lose weight.

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