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The main rules of success from billionaire Jeff Bezos

According to the rating of the richest people in the world, Jeff Bezos (the founder of Amazon) beat Bill Gates. To date, the state of Bezos is estimated at 106 billion dollars

According to the rating of the richest people in the world, Jeff Bezos (the founder of Amazon) beat Bill Gates. To date, the state of Bezos is estimated at 106 billion dollars. 

Amazon is not the only achievement of the billionaire. He owns the famous edition of The Washington Post, as well as the aerospace company Blue Origin. 

As a rule, Jeff Bezos rarely gives interviews, and if he does, he does not have verbosity. But not so long ago, he shared the rules that help him achieve success.

Carefully choose yourself a companion of life

Jeff Bezos is married to a woman named Mackenzie for 24 years. Before it, he tried unsuccessfully to arrange a personal life. It did not help that friends advised him of various interesting girls with whom he went on a date. After a while he realized that he was looking for resourcefulness and ability to inspire in the future companion of his life. 

- I will be happy with a woman who can generate ideas and help in their implementation. When I met Mackenzie, I had only a few words to tell her that she was the one and only one I was looking for, "says Jeff Bezos.

Multitasking is not the best option for success

Multitasking reduces productivity. Bezos on this occasion says this: "You need to do things in turn. If I have dinner with my family or business partners, then I'm having supper. If I study the working documentation, then I'm not distracted by anything else. " 

It is necessary to take risks and not be afraid to experiment, and not to spend all your life in the comfort zone

People have two main life paths: a safe life in a comfort zone or a life in which there is a risk, adventure, ups and downs. Most successful people (including Jeff Bezos) choose the second option. 

In the mid-1990s, the future billionaire worked as an expert in software development for financial companies on Wall Street. He had a good job, bringing a stable income. 

But one day Jeff Bezos came to the head and said that he was leaving to open his Internet shop. Chef was surprised and did not advise leaving a promising job for trade. But it is this path that led Bezos to the creation of the most famous Internet platform Amazon. 

The billionaire says: "I felt that even in old age I will not regret choosing this path. Having understood all the possibilities of the Internet, I knew that it would transform my life. The main thing was to take up this issue. If I did not succeed, I would be less disappointed than if I did not try at all. "

It is necessary to provide alternative options

Bezos is often asked what he would do if the Amazon project failed. To this question, he has two answers at once: 

With a high probability, I would be a successful programmer. I'm not used to starting everything from scratch. 

I have a fantasy that I would be a good bartender. But I would be a slow barman, because I love to slowly prepare cocktails, carefully choosing the ingredients. At the entrance, I would hang a sign: "Do you want a quick or good cocktail?".

Losses are needed to draw conclusions and learn from them

The Bezos family has a controversial but effective approach to the upbringing of children. They allowed them to use the knives in 4 years, and after another couple of years, children had access to electrical appliances. 

Jeff says: "People who do not make mistakes do not feel upset by their own mistakes and do not have the opportunity to learn from their experience. It is better to be the father of a child who had a sad experience than to raise offspring, who does not know the world. "

Between work and personal life there must be a balance

According to Jeff Bezos, personal life and work should not depend on each other, but at the same time harmonize among themselves. 

"If there is happiness in the family and everything is fine, I become an ideal employee and a good boss at work. Then I start to work productively, which makes me even better husband and father. " At the same time, Jeff Bezos is against telephone conversations with his family during working hours. 

Keep the curiosity of children

The world is rather complicated. Sometimes, in order to understand any issue, you need to become a real expert. But when a person becomes an expert, he risks getting into the network of information regulations. He will know how to do it, but will lose the opportunity to figure out how to do it again. Therefore it is important to keep the curiosity peculiar to children and always ask yourself questions: "Can I do it differently?", "What will happen if ....". 

Many inventors and scientists think in this way that allows them to find new solutions where others see a deadlock or someone else's established rules. 

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