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Time management in warehouses - how does it work?

Wholesale and retail companies prefer to use modern logistics complexes for reliable storage and transfer of product units between their own representative offices or directly to the client. And the more the company's turnover, the more perfect the tools of management and systematization of work in such warehouses

Modern business in Ukraine increasingly requires the availability of storage facilities, and, in most cases, large enough in size. Wholesale and retail companies prefer to use modern logistics complexes for reliable storage and transfer of product units between their own representative offices or directly to the client. And the more the company's turnover, the more perfect the tools should be to manage and systematize work in such warehouses.  

Packaging containers, pallets and storage equipment - all these are the usual attributes of the functioning of any warehouse. This warehouse equipment greatly speeds up and systematizes all internal processes. However, each inventory unit should be selected as correctly as possible for the actual needs of a particular warehouse. And then everything starts to work "like an hour". 

And here begins the time management. For warehouses, this is not just a strategy, but rather a necessity. Director of LLC "Cargo Evolution"Andrei Berezinets talks about his vision of evolution in the field of warehouse equipment and the implementation of time management stages for storage facilities: "The main mission of our company is to provide comprehensive assistance for businesses in solving problems of optimization and implementation of processes in warehouses. It is enough for us to obtain from the client only general data on his needs, and we implement an optimal list of services for him: for the products we provide boxes, for boxes - pallets, and we recommend transporting pallets on high-quality warehouse equipment. "

Andrey has been engaged in business in the field of warehouse equipment for many years. And today he stresses that for owners of small warehouses, hydraulic jacks are still the most relevant warehousing equipment - trolleys with long runners for transporting heavy goods with the help of human strength. They fully justify themselves in terms of convenience and the expected budget. But large warehouses often need to rent or buy forklifts - for them this type of warehouse equipment helps to quickly solve short-term or long-term tasks. 

Hydraulic roller - universal assistant in stock

In order to avoid misunderstandings, let's immediately place all the points above "I" about the name of this warehouse equipment. From the point of view of the right meaning in our native language, it's right to say, of course, that the trucks are hydraulic . But who is calling her that, right? Rather, you can hear a variety of jargon interpretations - rock, shit. 

Rocklay is the most popular version of the name for a hydraulic trolley. And there is a concrete reason for this: the first warehouse equipment of this type in our country, then still in the Soviet Union, was the cart of the famous Finnish company Rocla. After a long time in the country in this type of loading transport, the name became a household name. And so, by the way, is still. The whole story is very similar to the transition to the nominal form of the word "Pampers" - ask your wife or mother, they will tell you a lot of interesting things! But now - still about the hydraulic jacks.

It's no secret that in any warehouse the need for rolls is simply inexhaustible. If the company grows, then, in due course, there is a need to improve the equipment and purchase more suitable models. If the company is in a more or less stable state, it periodically has to replace the equipment due to the completion of its operation. 

Just like other representatives of warehouse equipment, hydraulic jacks can have a variety of dimensions and differing indicators of load capacity. In each individual case it is worth doing an individual calculation, based on the input data on the warehouse and its needs.

«1.Greetings 2. Smile 3. Learn about the needs of the client - everyone is taught this, but few people use it. We are using it for 100%! "- Andrey Berezinets, Director of Cargo Evolution LLC Cargo Evolution 

specialists really study the customer's needs very carefully before developing an individual scheme for the introduction of warehouse equipment. And in most cases the result exceeds all expectations! 

Forklift trucks - heavy artillery for serious tasks in stock

Oversized cargo or large-scale movements require warehousing equipment in the warehouse with the highest possible payload and lifting heights. And here for help come forklifts. This transport is driven by an automated control system and can move loads of large tonnage. 

But it is worth remembering that the price of such equipment does not always please the buyer's eye - from 16 000 to 74 000 US dollars for a new unit of equipment. That's why renting a forklift is the optimal solution for a warehouse of any size. 

Forklift rental

The rental of forklifts with maximum load capacity is not so easy to find, but in the company "Cargo Evolution" you can get this and many other services on the most favorable terms. 

- A large range of trucks with a variety of load capacities from 1t to 8t is available for rent. 

- In the case of short-term leasing, the company's specialists provide all the logistics of the equipment: the driver transports the loader to the specified address, performs the required amount of work and delivers it back. The client only needs to make payment and specify the exact address. 

- Long-term rental of the loader implies the use of a loading vehicle with its driver or, at the request of the customer - with a driver provided by the company.

And most importantly - it will not be a "blind" choice, in each case the specialists of Cargo Evolution will advise exactly that equipment that will cover the needs of the actual task and will fully correspond to the initial request of the client. 

Buying forklifts

And now - a little about buying a forklift. As we said above, the purchase of a forklift truck is quite a costly undertaking. That is why it is worth paying attention to quality forklifts that were in use, but in very good condition. They have more affordable value for purchase and still a fairly high degree of efficiency. 

The director of Cargo Evolution, Andrey Berezinets, is confident that in his business the interaction with the client is not just a machine process that brings two communicating parties from point A to point B. This is a full-fledged acquaintance, if you want - experience exchange, and help in the best satisfaction of the needs of the buyer. This vision is shared by all the company's employees, which is why they very often manage to build long-term cooperation and get mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation on the way out. Work is on - everyone is happy. 

Quality equipment is your first and most important stage of the time management in the warehouse!

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