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18 signs of a financially successful person

Financial literacy is one of the guarantees that a person has the potential to achieve prosperity. To improve your financial situation (learn how to save and save your finances), you need to know these simple rules and follow them. 

In today's article we will tell you about 18 signs of a financially successful person. 

You record or, at least, fix the expenses

As they say, money loves the account and does not suffer inaccuracies. A good habit is to fix your own expenses. In this way, you can understand the financial errors and determine the costs that could be avoided. Also, this approach allows you to adjust the amount of money at the end of the month (until the next paycheck).

You have several options for money savings

In financial matters, you do not rely on circumstances and try to hedge yourself. Therefore, the money is on your bank card or on a deposit in case of unforeseen circumstances.

There are money savings

You have money savings: in the bank account or cash. At the same time, the amount should be at least equal to your three salaries. This stash is necessary in case you are fired at work or there will be some emergency situation that requires financial investments. 

Thanks to such savings, you will be able to pay utility bills for 3 months, buy food and generally live the usual way of life. 

With every salary you put aside some money

The possibility and habit of saving money from each salary is indicative of a few good things. First, you have a normal financial position, if you can save some of the income. Secondly, the number of savings with each month will increase.

You plan a budget for each month

After receiving a salary, you paint the budget for a month in advance. Thus, you immediately see mandatory spending: rent, refueling, food, etc. This method avoids a financial imbalance - then empty, then thick.  

You can save

You know how you can save money. For example, you buy things and products for stocks, go to supermarkets well-fed and know the tricky marketing moves of stores that are pushing to make unplanned purchases.

You have financial goals and a plan for achieving them.

You collect for a new apartment, car or a trip abroad. You know exactly how much money you need for this, and what waste is forthcoming. Also, you know what time is needed to achieve the goal. 

Avoid unnecessary waste

You avoid such expenses as buying a package in stores, extra paid packing of things, etc. You know exactly what purchases can be avoided without worsening your own comfort. 

Make a list of upcoming purchases

If you make a shopping list in advance, you can avoid additional spending and fit into the budget provided for them. Also this method allows you not to succumb to the marketing tricks of stores.

There is a plan to increase the income

If you earn enough, then to be content with the same income is still unproductive. We must constantly move forward. Therefore, you are developing a plan to increase prosperity, which may include the purchase of commercial real estate, career promotion, useful acquaintances. In addition, you figured out in what other career direction you can progress.

Timely pay bills and other mandatory payments

You timely pay utility bills, insurance, fines, because you do not want to face penalties and do not want to relate yourself to financially undisciplined people. 

You do not run out of money before your salary

You do not get into a situation where money comes to an end shortly before your salary. This can contribute to several factors: you are super-precise budget or spend less than you earn. 

You are good at price politics

You know how much basic food, cosmetic and household items cost. Therefore, you know how to choose the most favorable offers: price - quality. 

You use programs and applications to save money and solve financial problems

Modern programs and applications allow you to keep financial records and plan your budget. They also track stocks in stores and compare product offers.  

Are interested in investment

Even if now you do not have enough free money to invest, you think ahead and plan how and where you can invest money, so that in the future they bring in revenue. This solution will also help to avoid financial losses as a result of inflation.

You do not take loans in banks for household appliances and other household items

You prefer to collect the right amount for air conditioning, a new TV or a refrigerator, and not take a loan from the bank. That's the right decision. It is better to suffer, raise money and save, because the debt will have to be given with interest.

You do not borrow money 

One of the important principles of the correct treatment of money is to live within your means. If you regularly have to borrow money from people, then something in your planning is not so. 

Mathematical calculation

Even if the course of geometry in your life is not useful, then without mathematics can not do. Simple mathematical calculations allow you to determine which product is more profitable to buy, how much money is spent on the road, and so on.

If some of the listed items are uncharacteristic for you, then it's time to reconsider your attitude to money in order to pave the way to a sound financial position. And if most of the statements for you are true, then you are on the right track!

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