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Scientists have named the optimal method of safe weight loss

As the statistics showed, people who underwent gastric bypass surgery or gastroduodenal gastroduodenal went out of life at times less often than people who follow nutrition and perform physical exercises

Israeli scientists came to the conclusion that certain procedures that relieve a person of excess fatty deposits are more reliable than switching to a dietary diet. 

According to experts, operations can significantly reduce the risk of early death of a person with obesity, which can not be said about harmless, at first glance, diets. So, scientists conducted a study, which participants were more than 33 000 volunteers. All subjects were divided into two groups. The first included people who underwent various kinds of operations to treat obesity in the period from 2005 to 2014. In the second category were those who tried to lose weight, doing sports and adhering to a diet.

At the end of a long experiment, specialists compared mortality rates in both groups. As it turned out, volunteers who have undergone gastric bypass or sleeve gastroplasty have left their lives fewer times than people who follow the diet and exercise. 

At the moment, scientists will continue to study such an unusual phenomenon to understand what its causes are.

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