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Scientists advise to remove from their diet of meat products

Systematic consumption of meat products is likely to cause global obesity

Scientists from Australia argue that the systematic use of meat products is likely to cause global obesity. 
To obtain such data, a study was conducted, during which information from 170 countries was studied.
The result of the study showed that about half the cases of overweight problems are triggered by a large number of sweets in the diet. In all other cases, people suffer from obesity due to excessive consumption of meat products. 
The organizers of the experiment also argue that the protein of animal origin does not benefit the body and the figure, as is commonly believed. This organic substance is absorbed for a long time, because of which energy is formed in large quantities and is transformed into extra kilograms. 
According to representatives of science, even among avid athletes, there may be fat deposits on the sides with the systematic use of food rich in animal protein. However, in a special group of risk, those who like to include semi-finished products on a meat basis in the diet. According to experts, such food can cause cancer. Therefore, the meat diet is not only inexpedient, but also dangerous for health.
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