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It became known what kind of diet can be deadly

Regularly there are more and more new diets. Among their variety, even a specialist is not always easy to understand, not to mention ordinary people. Scientists have decided to find out whether all diets will benefit. The result was a complete surprise for them

Representatives of science from Finland believe that diets, saturated with proteins, increase the likelihood 
of cardiovascular diseases. 

To obtain information, they conducted a detailed analysis of popular diets. In this way, it was concluded that a large amount of protein food in the diet could literally ruin people. To such diets in particular is the Atkins diet If there is a lot of protein food, health problems can not be avoided. 

Proteins of animal origin thicken the blood, poorly affect the vessels and the functioning of the heart . As a result, thrombi can form, as well as infarctions or strokes. 

You need to have in order to avoid these health problems withbalanced  diet . It should not only contain proteins, but also fats and carbohydrates. Also, eat as little sweet as possible. The emphasis in the diet should be on vegetables, fruits and legumes. To drink is better than usual water or green and grassy teas. 

As it turned out, not all diets are equally useful. Some of them are a direct threat to health and life. Before choosing a diet, you need to consult with an experienced nutritionist to ensure that the diet has benefited and not harmed. 

Recall, earlier scientists recognized the Mediterranean diet as the best in the world. It includes low-fat varieties of fish, meat, poultry, macaroni from durum wheat, cheese, cheese, olives, olive oil, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits.

And do you have a favorite diet? Tell us about it in the comments.

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