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Cancer and buckwheat porridge: 7 deadly dangers "Laskin's diet"

With oncology, people grab a straw. But various kinds of "magic diets" often become not a life-saving circle, but a stranglehold on the neck. 

As an example, let's consider the so-called ANTI-FRAMEWAY DIET OF LASKIN DOCTOR http: //vesvnorme.net/diety/dieta-laskina.html from a scientific rather than from a commercial point of view:   

Frankly surprises in the description of the Laskin diet, the absence of any references to modern scientific research. He relies only on the highly questionable ideas of George Osawa, who have not received clinical and scientific confirmation. 

This despite the fact that in the world there is an enormous amount of qualitative and reliable research on nutrition in cancer. True, most of them for some reason refute the recommendations of Mr. Laskin ... 

1. Meet: Quercetin. A lot of us, and he - one

Recommendations so-called. "Laskin's diets" are alarming from the first word. The first phrase in it - an unreasonable exaggeration (not to say - a direct lie)! Namely: Mr. Laskin writes that the main food for cancer should be "shock doses of buckwheat" (quote) because it has a lot of Quercetin. 

This natural antibiotic is widely present in a variety of plants, including buckwheat. But in her, some quercetin, just a miser! A lot of it, for example, in a bow. But Mr. Laskin does not recommend onions for some reason. Although onion soup - it is very tasty! Does not he like him, or what? 

Quercetin is a polyphenol and it does manifest a diverse biological effect. It is an antioxidant, and a radical-absorbing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, gastroprotective agent, immunomodulator. 

Quercetin is also used in the treatment of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Research - here: www. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28758919  

The problem of quercetin is that it is extremely poorly digested, has a low bioavailability from the products and is very quickly eliminated from the body. 

Very fast! This and prevents its wide application for the treatment of diseases - except for a massive and continuous eating of onions for colds. And yet - if you want to scare away potential enemies with onion odor.

Scientists are still looking for ways to create quercetin-related substances that are better absorbed and not so quickly removed from the body. That's them and that could be used to treat various diseases and cancer. But - by no means buckwheat! Moreover, not in the "shock doses" recommended by Mr. Laskin. 

After all, they will not give a person enough queretine, and on the contrary - will accelerate the growth of tumors. 

2. Buckwheat methionine - cancer to a friend # 1 

Deadly minus so-called. "Laskin's diet" is that in buckwheat there is excessively much amino acid METHIONINA. Cancer cells, for accelerated growth, use it. 

As, by the way, and the herpes virus, causing rashes on the lips and skin. In contrast to the amino acid lysine, which on the contrary inhibits the development of cancer cells and herpes. Research - here: www. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29733806  

LOXIN is abundant in legumes (especially in soy and lentils), in hazelnuts and almonds. Of the other useful sources of lysine, you can recommend fish, especially - sea cold seas. Especially - due to the presence of useful omega-3 in it (which omega-3s are useful, which ones are not, I'll tell below). 

3. Metashine is more effective than trypsin inhibitors

Excess of any cereals and cereals, in fact, is not a plus for any nutrition, and for cancer - especially. Especially - if we consider that buckwheat, like all cereals, contains many TRIPSIN INHIBITORS. These substances significantly increase the level of inflammation in the body. And this - weaken the immune system, which must fight cancer. And she, instead, has to fight the systemic inflammations that trypsin inhibitors cause in the body. 

Read more about it here: https: //www.moveat.expert/stati/bobovye-kovarnye-razrushiteli-podzheludochnoj-obman-veshhestv-s-maks ... 

4. If you want to be healthy - eat enough fat

Another big minus so-called. Laskin's diet is a rigid and unreasonable restriction of fats. Clearing the body of various fat-soluble metabolic products is through the liver-bile line. And absolutely unmotivated recommendation of Mr. Laskin to limit the amount of oils to 10 g / day will, most likely, cause much harm to the body, since it will reduce the choleresis. And this - will limit the ability of the body to cleanse of fat-soluble slags. What will hurt him very much with chemo-therapy and illness!

In addition, if you limit the amount of fat in the food, then you will have to get calories from carbohydrates (the same buckwheat porridge). And it has long been scientifically proven that diets with a high carbohydrate content are harmful to health. They contribute to the development of cancer, diabetes, heart and brain diseases, autoimmune diseases (arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, rheumatism). More - here: https://dymentz.blogspot.com/2018/05/blog-post_5.html  

5. Not all vegetable oils are useful and beneficial

I agree with Mr. Laskin that it is reasonable to use everything, not only cancer patients, namely vegetable oils. But not all oils are useful! 

It is necessary to completely exclude from the food all oils, mainly consisting of omega-6 linoleic fatty acids. These are: sunflower, corn, pumpkin, linseed, walnuts, avocad, rapeseed, hemp, rice and wheat sprouts, grape seeds.

All these oils contain excessively many omega-6 linoleic fatty acids. It increases inflammation in the body, increases blood viscosity, promotes thrombosis, increases blood pressure. Read more - here: https://www.moveat.expert/stati/rastitelnye-masla-skolko-i-kakih-mozhno-est-bezopasno-dlya-zdorovya/  

However, omega-6 linoleic acid is indispensable. It must be consumed in the amount of 5 to 10 grams a day. 

And this amount will give you 3-4 tablespoons of OLIVE OIL and 30-40 grams of nuts daily. Nuts with this, are an extremely important factor of health. 

6. Take care: omega-tri is very insidious and cunning

Do not forget about the extreme importance of supplying the body with essential omega-3 fatty acids. A harmful and dangerous fake about the fact that plant alpha-linolenic omega-3 from linseed oil is useful to all has already destroyed the health of many. 

Only long-chain omega-3 contained in the FISH FAT reduces inflammation, helps reduce blood viscosity and promotes faster recovery after surgery and trauma. Information - here:  https://www.moveat.expert/stati/omega-3-kak-oni-mogut-povredit-zdorovyu-i-kak-etogo-izbezhat/ 

CAUTION apply fish oil to patients who have problems with bile secretion and the liver! Consult your doctor !!! 

7. Pseudo-fruit fructose - for the liver any threat

I agree with Mr. Laskin that it is necessary to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. But - not raisins and dried apricots, which he zealously straight everywhere! About the harmfulness of excess sugars (carbohydrates), I wrote in paragraph 4. 

But there is also an excess of fructose in dried fruits. Fructose only additionally loads the liver, which must purify the body of drugs and toxins. And also - promotes the possible development of cirrhosis. Read more - here: https://www.moveat.expert/retsepty/suhofrukty-poleznyj-perekus-ili-realnyj-vred-razvenchivaem-mify/  

8. And for healthy, and with cancer the excess of fruit is a byaka

Another danger of a diet Laskin consists in an excess of fruits. And - strange (pineapple, for example - the most contaminated with pesticides is a fruit of all!).

Science warns against the large consumption of sweet fruits and with cancer, and - healthy people !!! PREMIERLY KUSHAYT VEGETABLES !!! https://www.moveat.expert/stati/kak-frukty-povyshayut-risk-smerti-a-ovoshhi-umenshayut-ego/ 

9. For health, it's wise to eat a little by the way.

You can not completely exclude salt, as Mr. Laskin insists !! 

Physiologically justified amounts of salt are needed to maintain proper electrolyte balance, water retention in the body, etc. HARMFUL - SALT EXEMPTION! 

If the patient does not eat factory food, which is often added to the salt, then from the plant food he will not have enough sodium, which will lead to many problems, including - and to dehydration of the body! 

Little nuances

By the way, I note that, unfortunately, there is no evidence yet of the special effectiveness of the SYNTHESIS DIET in cancer. Here, for example, a study on the influence of predominantly raw food on the reduction of infectious diseases and mortality in patients with leukemia. Primarily raw food for a fraction of a percent of them reduced, however - not essential www. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18955453.  

It should also be understood that in case of oncology (but also healthy ones, too), one should not confine to raw food, but at least 10-40% of cooked food. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to give the body the extremely important carotenoids needed to maintain the activity of the immune system. Many carotenoids are very poorly absorbed from raw food and well - from cooked vegetation. But - only with oil, tk. they are fat-soluble! 

I agree with Mr. Laskin that many products should be excluded in case of cancer. But these are absolutely obvious products, which are advised to exclude and official medicine. Namely: white bread and pastries; confectionery; red meat, sausages and smoked meat; canned food; milk and any dairy products; all vegetable oils, except olive; salt, sugar; alcohol; lemonades and shop juices.

I also do not call anyone to believe my conclusions and recommendations. I will only note that in them I summed up a lot of ideas from serious and well-founded scientific research, the references to which I must cite. And be sure to consult your doctor when making any changes in the diet of the patient! 

Also I will remind you that I give a structured knowledge course in my "Health and Weight Loss Course here: http://clc.la/school    You are waiting for the algorithm of transition to a healthy diet, lectures, a lot of tasty, easy and scientifically grounded information and answers to all your questions. Join now!

Source Max Pogorely

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