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Prostatitis - who is at risk?

The name of the disease "prostatitis" comes from the Greek prostates - "standing in front". And, unfortunately, in medical statistics, prostatitis also "stands in the lead", being the most common disease of the stronger sex

The name of the disease "prostatitis" comes from the Greek prostates - "standing in front". And, unfortunately, in medical statistics, prostatitis also "stands in the lead", being the most common disease of the stronger sex. In this case, most men over 30-35 years due to their profession, hobbies or way of life are at risk. Who are they, and what measures should they take to preserve men's health? 


Irregular or, on the contrary, excessively turbulent sex life with different partners equally increases the risk of the disease. The absence of regular ejaculation or erection without ejaculation leads to stagnant phenomena - and, in turn, inflammations. A frequent change of sexual partners leads to a constant interaction with the "unfamiliar" microflora, and even increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases - which also serves as a good "soil" for prostatitis. 

What to do? 

The best way to prevent prostatitis in this case is an adjusted personal life and regular (2-3 times a week) sex with a constant partner. And no interrupted sexual acts - this method of contraception is not only extremely unreliable, but also harmful to male health.

Men of "sedentary" occupations: from programmers to drivers 

Men, who spend most of the day in a sitting position, are also at risk. These are officials, and office "white-collar workers," and programmers, and drivers, and watchmen, as well as representatives of many other specialties. Seated position interferes with normal blood circulation in pelvic organs, which in time makes it difficult to drain venous blood. The result is swelling of the prostate and the development of inflammatory processes. 

What to do? Sedentary work compensate for sports in their spare time, and during the working day, if possible, get up from the workplace and arrange a small warm-up. In addition, it is possible to do Kegel's preventive exercises directly in the workplace, unnoticed for others.

"Horsemen" and conquerors of impassability

Motorcyclists, cyclists and fans of riding also risk their masculine health. This can be attributed to fans of trophy-raids. Constant shaking leads to microtrauma of the perineum, which is also fraught with a violation of blood circulation. 

What to do? 

Reduce the risk of microtraumas will help a set of exercises aimed at preventing prostatitis and strengthening the muscles of the perineum and buttocks. And, of course, it is worth using a special equipment that allows you to reduce the load on the groin area - for example, cushioning cushions or veloshorty with "pampers". 

Lovers of hiking and water sports 

Problems with the prostate often are provoked by hypothermia - frequent or prolonged. Therefore, despite the active lifestyle, swimmers, surfers, oarsmen and other athletes who spend a long time in water or on water, are at risk. This includes mountaineers and lovers of long hiking and skiing trips - prolonged hypothermia is not uncommon for them. Also, a long stay in raw clothes is very harmful. 

What to do? 

Do not neglect thermal underwear, if possible keep your feet warm, and after severe hypothermia rub dry with a stiff towel - until you feel "burning skin". After training, take a hot bath, as follows, warming the entire body. Timely change the soaked clothes to dry. 

Fans of heavy food

Improper nutrition - the abuse of fatty, spicy, fried and irritating foods also contributes to the development of a propensity for prostatitis. Contributes to the development of the disease and the abuse of alcohol and strong coffee, as well as smoking. 

What to do? 

Improve your menu, follow the digestion and regular stool (frequent constipation also provokes the development of prostatitis). It will not be superfluous and the introduction of pumpkin seeds, seafood, walnuts and other products rich in zinc into the diet - this microelement is very important for the health of the prostate gland. When preparing a "preventive" diet, it will be useful to follow the recommendations on nutrition with prostatitis.

Of course, all men belonging to risk groups need to undergo regular (at least once a year) examinations at the urologist and not forget about the general preventive measures that allow to reduce the risk of the disease to a minimum. For medicinal prophylaxis, candles "Prostatilen" - a preparation based on the extract of the prostate of young bull-calves. It has a complex effect - improves microcirculation and blood supply, relieves edema and venous congestion, removes inflammation, restores tissue and functions of the prostate gland. The combination of physical exertion, proper nutrition and an effective medication at times reduces the risk of the disease and the development of exacerbations. Remember, prophylaxis of prostatitis is a necessary thing for every adult representative of the stronger sex. It's just as much a part of body culture as brushing your teeth in the mornings and evenings. And who said that it's easy to be a man?

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