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How to choose a gym

Over the past couple of years, the most fashionable fitness services have come down to domestic lovers of a healthy lifestyle.

Over the past couple of years, the most fashionable fitness services have come down to domestic lovers of a healthy lifestyle. But the desire to join the physical culture rests for many of us in several fundamental problems. In particular, in how to properly choose a site and an instructor, so as not to cause his health tangible harm.

Depending on the thickness of the purse, you can choose an expensive elite club, a simple "courtyard" and something in between the first and second, which is difficult to describe (it is very rare to see separate male and female clubs, family or purely children's). As for the first, that is, an expensive or, so to speak, elite club, then, first of all, it must be distinguished by a high level of service. What does it mean? 

First, the area of ​​its premises should be at least three thousand square meters, more - please! In addition to equipped gyms, an expensive club must necessarily include at least a nutritionist's office, halls for group programs, a water area, game rooms, a beauty salon and a fitness bar. 

In such clubs, you should not meet "beushnoe" equipment, amateur instructors with disproportionately inflated muscles and complete disregard for the need for medical control. Work here, as a rule, high-level specialists both in terms of professional training, and the level of treatment with a club visitor. 

Further, every self-respecting elite club is sure to follow the latest trends in the fitness world and annually offers its clients several new directions. In addition, in a similar club, before admitting a client to the classes, they will necessarily be interested in the state of his health (in order to avoid all kinds of injuries and sometimes death) and only after that they will "prescribe" a certain level of workload. After all, as a rule, classes are divided into groups: for beginners and already well-prepared. 

Not bad at all if there are organized programs for children in such a club (according to experts, children can be brought to the club, starting from the age of 6 months) or family programs. In this case, you can visit the club with your child (although a 6-month-old age is too much!), A girl-friend or a wife. 

As for the interior, then, of course, it's nice to be in a beautifully decorated room where you can not only train, but also communicate with friends or business partners, but, agree, it's still not the main thing in this case. The most important in elite clubs is their functionality and security. 

District clubs or local clubs because of the convenient location to the house (or place of work) and democratic prices are the most popular for the majority of Russians. True, from elite, they differ not only in price, but also in the fact that they can meet all of the above individually, but neither as a combination. That is, either a good interior, or good instructors, or good equipment. 

Of course, district clubs can not afford to have such a huge area and sometimes they are content with very small (as a result of which it becomes unsafe for health), they do not have a pool, play complexes, and there is no need to count on the variety of programs. The positive aspects are that in the district clubs, if you try, you can meet quality (and not scrap) equipment and quite initiative instructors. 

Thus, lovers of physical education can be guided by the call "choose, but carefully." This means that when choosing a sports club (whatever category it applies), first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to, as it does not seem strange, the time of its construction. The fact is that all relatively new sports facilities, as a rule, meet the necessary standards, which can not be said for old buildings. It is equally important that the structure be specialized and not resemble the basement of a new building. 

Further, the hall in which you intend to engage should not only be a sufficient area, but also equipped with good lighting and air conditioning. The club chosen by you must assume that it has medical control and qualified coaches or instructors. Do not be shy to inquire about the qualifications of the instructor, to look at the diploma of graduating from specialized educational institutions and courses, to discuss in detail the methodology of the prospective classes. 

It is clear that in order to prepare for such a conversation, you need to have some knowledge yourself, because you do not want to fall into the hands of some charlatan and thereby deliberately harm your health? Therefore, it would not hurt at least to symbolically glance through the special literature, and as for embarrassment, then in matters related to health, it is unnecessary. 

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