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How to pump pectoral muscles without going to the gym?

There are some exercises in bodybuilding that will help to build up pectoral muscles without any additional adaptations or purchase of a subscription to the gym

Very often athletes talk about pumping their breasts only with the help of simulators, barbells or dumbbells, but they forget that there are some other exercises in bodybuilding that will help to build pectoral muscles without any additional devices or buying a subscription to the gym. 

An alternative to heavy bars and bench press is your own weight or push-ups from the floor. 

There are so many varieties of push-ups (classic push-ups, push-ups with additional weights, push-ups with wide / narrowly divorced hands, push-ups on one hand, push-ups with cotton in the top position and others). But I want to talk with you about the very essence of push-ups. 

In fact, in the push-ups involved, in fact, the entire musculature of the body. Another thing is that only a part of the muscles perform dynamic work, while others are statically strained to maintain the direct position of the body. 

This multi-joint exercise and it involves a lot of muscles, but the main only two - breast and triceps. Just like in bench press. The front beams of deltas, forearms, small muscles of the hand, lower back muscles, press and quadriceps are working statistically. 

Often you can see how the pros begin to push up when they are warming up before the competition. They do this from the fact that this exercise can be performed anywhere, no other adaptations need to be applied, and most importantly - push-ups will help the already developed muscles to take a more precise outline. 

Performing classic push-ups: 

1. The starting position - the body is statically strained, the back is straight, the head is lifted and you look in front of you, the arms are placed a distance wider than the shoulders (practically as when doing bench press); 

2. Slowly bend our arms in the elbows and lower our body until the floor touches the chest, the body is strained, the back is straight. Breathing is performed when the body is lowered. 

3. Return your body to its original position. Coordinate the movement of your body and exhale when lifting the torso. 

If you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym or you are used to doing at home, do not forget to include this exercise in your training system. On my own experience I can say that if it happens that I missed the training in the gym, then at home I will definitely be wringing out. 

I advise everyone, along with the bench press, to use push-ups to achieve good results in pumping the pectoral muscles or just to maintain a tone.

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