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What are the useful properties of strawberries?

This berry is attractive, tasty, fragrant and unusually useful and is also an excellent natural aphrodisiac. What are the useful secrets of strawberries and when it is undesirable - we'll try to find out all this

With the beginning of summer, more and more useful berries appear on our tables. Some of them are juicy strawberry berries. They are delicious, fragrant, unusually useful and also an excellent natural aphrodisiac. Of course, there are situations where strawberries can be contraindicated or its use should be limited. What are the useful secrets of strawberries and when it is undesirable - we'll try to find out all this.
Summer time simply smells of an abundance of usefulness. Berries, fruits, vegetables. Everything is available, you just need to wish. However, there are certain secrets, knowing which can be extracted from the summer gifts of maximum benefit.
Top useful properties of strawberries
Immediately note that the berry approximately 80-90% consists of water. In addition, 100 grams of berries contain:
- Caloric content - 36.9 kcal
- Water - 87.4 g
- Proteins - 0.8 g
- Fat - 0.4 g
- Carbohydrates - 7.5 g (including mono and disaccharides - 7.4 g, starch - 0.1 g)
- Fiber (dietary fiber) - 2.2 g
Ripe strawberry fruits favorably affect the cardiovascular system. They contain antioxidants, significantly improving the condition of the surface of lymphatic and blood vessels. Therefore, the regular eating of these berries makes the vessels more elastic. This is a good remedy for those who are unwell with high blood pressure.
Strawberries are full of various minerals and useful vitamins . Its presence in the diet will provide good health and will help to maintain immunity in a "combat-ready condition".
This berry is strong in the fight against microbes and effectively helps in the treatment of colds. In addition, it eliminates bad breath and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Strawberries are already a proven aphrodisiac. It increases sexual desire and potency.
This berry is also effective for problems with the genitourinary system. It is a good diuretic that helps to eliminate toxins. It is also applicable as an auxiliary option in the treatment of rheumatism.
Carbohydrates, which are contained in fruits, do not lead to increased sugar in the body. Therefore, even diabetics can safely use strawberries . In addition, low calorie content is not capable of spoiling any diet.
Important elements of strawberries are iodine and salicylic acid. Iodine - improves the thyroid gland, and salicylic acid helps to relieve the condition with joint disease.
For whom strawberries are undesirable?
Persons prone to allergies should be treated with caution. Strawberries belong to the category of allergens. Concerning its use it is better to consult an allergist. Alternatively, it can be washed down with sour-milk products.
Such components of strawberries as acids (salicylic and oxalic), can provoke exacerbations of gastric diseases. In addition, after eating strawberries, especially before going to bed, you should thoroughly brush your teeth , so that the acids do not destroy the tooth enamel.
To abuse strawberries should not be small children and pregnant women. Do not eat it on an empty stomach (the chemical composition can irritate the gastric mucosa), and also when bothersome colic.
Knowing all the useful properties of this delicious berry you can significantly strengthen your health
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